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It snowed big time

Posted by Patrick - 22:57 on 05 March 2010

I know it is over a week ago since we had our biggest snow-fall, on 24th/25th February, for the year and the biggest for about 30 years, but I have been busy with the small matters of 1. digging snow and 2. the arrival of our number 2 child, Rohaise. Read this story about Pie Nights at Andersons for an insight as to how quickly it came and what a big dump it was.

These photos were taken on Friday the 26th. For those of you that know beallich: the first shows the pond on the right and that is the pump house roof-line just poking out on the left; the next shows the yoga steading;

The last was taken looking up the drive into the field, the house is to the right, the oil tank is covered (about 1.5M of snow) back left. The snow drift I am on is about 1.5M (5 ft) deep and 3 metres thick. It goes right across the front of the house and joins the drift in photo 1.

All of this snow is great news for a continuing season of winter mountaineering, skiing, snowshoeing and general larking about in the snow.

Cheers, Patrick

I'm off out now to play!

PS. the road is open to us and yoga classes etc are running.

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We had a lovely time.beallich is a very special place.

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