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Environmental Protection

Objective - Beallich Limited aims to achieve a high regard for safety, health and the environment (HS&E) throughout its operations, in order to:

  1. provide a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work place, and
  2. reduce the risk of and prevent injury, death, ill health and damage to the environment.

Methodology – We will:

  1. Comply with legislation
  2. Apply industry good practice
  3. Carry out risk assessments
  4. Train and induct instructors
  5. Inform and train participants
  6. Communicate with instructors, participants and the general public
  7. Review near-miss/incident reports and company procedures and update procedures as necessary.

Responsibilities – It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors that this statement and company procedures are applied. They will provide sufficient resources and support to ensure this is adhered to.

It is the responsibility of instructors and other employees to comply with company procedures, to ask if they are unsure as to how to deal with a HS&E issue, raise HS&E concerns and be pro-active in improving their and the company’s HS&E performance.

It is the responsibility of participants to obey direct instructions, raise HS&E concerns and to ask if they are unsure of what to do or feel uncomfortable.
Patrick Harrison – Director
Abby Harrison – Director

22nd June, 2006

We are Silver graded in the Green Tourism Business Scheme. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our environmental performance.

Over the past 18 months we have: upgraded the “red steading” with high levels of insulation (sheep’s wool); changed one of vehicles for an LPG one; been purchasing low sulphur “less dirty” diesel for the other vehicle (it costs more but we get better MPG and it is cleaner for the environment); changed our paper supply to a real recycled paper supplier and changed virtually all our cleaning products to eco products.

When clients are with us we impart our knowledge about the environment, without ramming it down their throats! Patrick is a Leave No Trace Trainer ( and is now an International Mountain Leader which requires a good knowledge of the environment.

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Very enjoyable. Boosted my confidence and me want to get out and do more.

Lee Yip, mountaineering client

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