’13 Minutes’ Review

Disaster movies used to be fun. Back in the 70s, they were filled with aging movie stars, many in desperate need of commercial success, doing things like flying disabled airplanes, desperate attempts to rescue victims earthquakes, swim underwater in ocean ships upside down and jump off burning buildings.

Writer-director Lindsay Gossling’s 13 minutes takes a different approach to the respectable genre. The film uses the familiar disaster movie stereotype to focus on hot social issues and boy, there are many of them. Before and after a monster tornado devastated a small Oklahoma town, the characters grapple with issues like undocumented immigration, homosexuality, abortion rights, and religious intolerance. , access to health care and physical disability. By the time the tornado finally showed up, almost an hour into its course, it came as lucky relief.

13 minutes

Key point

Too much talk, not enough destruction.

Release date: Friday, October 29

Cast: Trace Adkins, Yancey Arias, Thora Birch, Peter Facinelli, Amy Smart, Anne Heche, Will Peltz, Davi Santos, Sofia Vassilieva, Paz Vega

Director and screenwriter: Lindsay Gossling

Rated PG-13, 1 hour 48 minutes

This was a low-budget endeavor, the film did not feature contemporary movie stars like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Gene Hackman or Charlton Heston. Instead, the team included actors like Paz Vega, Amy Smart, Thora Birch, Yancey Arias, Sofia Vassilieva, Anne Heche, Laura Spencer, Trace Adkins, and Peter Facinelli, all of whom did the yeoman work but did not show. star power makes us care whether their characters live or die.

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Many different groups of characters intertwine throughout one fateful day. Religiously loyal Rick (Adkins) and Tammy (Heche) struggle to keep their farm financially viable, with Tammy also working at a health clinic where she tries to convince women children seek abortion in order to have a surrogate child. One of the people she’s trying to convert is teenage Maddy (Vassilieva), the single mother who offers a different perspective. The hardworking hotel maid Ana (Vega) desperately wants to buy a house for her and her fiancé, Carlos (Arias), but his illegal status prevents him from finding a high-paying job. Rick and Tammy’s tight-lipped gay son Luke (Will Peltz) finally introduces himself to his parents, who coldly rejected him.

The final cast of characters are more familiar types in the series, such as: an emergency manager, Kim (Smart), who is watching a tornado, and her TV meteorologist husband, Brad (Facinelli). The couple have a young daughter who can’t hear or speak (Shaylee Mansfield, who is deaf in real life and has a natural on-screen presence) and who, needless to say, became critically endangered as the storm hit the set.

The title refers to the unimaginably brief period of time the townsfolk were given shelter before the devastating tornado hit, and those moments are among the most compelling in the series. film. Unfortunately, the prologue is lengthy, and the climax, which mainly involves survivors trying to make their way through the rubble over which the town has largely shrunk, is much less urgent. . Not to mention that anyone has seen Twister or Into the Storm won’t be impressed by the low budget special effects on the screen.

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13 minutes well-meaning in exploring social issues in the heart of America, aside from religious and drug-themed dramas, have barely received much of the big-screen attention. But the effort won’t satisfy those looking for sensitive, character-driven drama or disaster movie fans who will later be disappointed by the relative lack of electrical mayhem. image.

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