8 Demon Dolls Featured in Horror Movies

Chucky, Annabelle, Billy and Slappy are just a few of the nightmarish toy names that have popped up in horror movies over the years, scaring viewers with their creepy glass eyes and porcelain skin. and slow, eerie movements. Most dolls are meant to give a sense of security and friendship, like Elmo and Lamb Chop, but it’s not as simple as having the overhead theater lights dim to create a quick chiller. Vibrant plastic companions in horror movies can bend the viewer’s sense of security as easily as they make their own plastic arms, drawing the audience into a whirlwind. Toy Story from hell. Somehow, the roles are reversed, and the owner becomes a toy.

Two such dolls will return to the big screen in the next few weeks. First Chucky appeared in the reboot of 1988 Child’s play. In this part, the talking doll fails and becomes violent due to a hacker manipulating his code.

Then Annabelle came back Annabelle went home. In this installation, the doll becomes the puppet master of all the demonic items in the museum, using the vessels of evil spirits to stage horror the same way Slappy does in Goosebumps when he brought all the scary books in RL Stine’s collection to life.

Below, The Hollywood Reporter A closer look at the doll’s faces might make some viewers a little more afraid of their toys.

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