Adam Scott on Personal Connection to ‘Severance’ Character

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On Apple TV series + Quit, Adam Scott plays Mark, a mid-level employee at the mysterious Lumon Corporation who, along with his colleagues, undergo a surgical procedure that separates their home and work personalities in two, keeping “insiders” – as they know it in the office – in the shadows their “hangers” outside of work hours. Created by Dan Erickson and directed by Ben Stiller, Quit Follow Mark and his colleagues as they slowly learn more about the company and try to adjust their internal and external personalities under the ever-watching powers who want to keep their employees cut. break.

Scott joined CHEAP Editor Tyler Coates awards live chat as part of CHEAP“Closer Look” series. (Scott and co-stars Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Zach Cherry, and Tramell Tillman previously joined Stiller, Erickson and cinematographer Jessica Lee Gagné for a larger conversation about the Apple thriller. TV +.)

While Quit sees all of Lumon’s employees split into two characters, Scott’s character Mark, whom the audience sees both inside and outside the confines of Lumon’s corporate headquarters. That posed an immediate challenge to Scott, who, in essence, had to play two separate characters over the course of ten episodes of Severance. “The first instinct for me, and for a lot of actors I imagine, is, ‘Let one of them have a beret and limp – that can be really fun,” Scott said. , note that Stiller and Erickson settled on something less intuitively obvious. “What really matters to Dan, Ben and I is feeling like a guy. Since we are the same person, we only see different parts of his life, different halves of the same person. Just someone who has had 40 years of odd life experiences: suffering, happiness and all the things that come with a fulfilling life. And the other one, for all intents and purposes, is like two and a half years old. “

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One aspect of the show that helped Scott transition between characters was the Lumon elevator – that’s when Severance audiences saw the transition from characters to opponents and back again. “II didn’t really end up distilling two characters for me,” Scott said of the elevator scenes. “Obviously I would have to switch from one to the other very quickly. And it’s more of an internal change than anything. Trying to figure out how to make that happen without feeling like I have to do some major physical transformation or transformation, really. [distilled] it depends on the inner difference between these two. “

As for the passing of Mark, who we know went through severance proceedings following the death of his wife as a perhaps easy way to get over the pain, the character’s motives are easy to understand. for Scott. “I’ve been through a grieving process in my life,” Scott revealed. “My mother passed away early in the pandemic, and I was at home with my wife and children, [which] cushion type for blow. A few months later, alone in New York [filming the show] and realized that I had a lot of grieving things to do, but also a lot to handle. ”

As for Scott, Quit Not just an ordinary job. “The show was right in front of me,” he said. “I’ve been dealing with it and grieving on my own, but am also dealing with and grieving through the show. I’m still very grateful that it was there for me in a way, because I figured it out, both on screen and outdoors, while we were shooting. “

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