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Contemporary Moscow becomes the battleground for human survival in Attraction, a bombastic alien invasion thriller whose familiar plot is enhanced with world-class visual effects. Manager Fyodor Bondarchuk is the son of Oscar-winning late Soviet filmmaker Sergei Bondarchuk and a public supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is said to be reflected in the patriotic political subtext of this film, although Bondarchuk affirming that the message is universal rather than local. Before that, his most recent project was epic 2013 Stalingradwhich Russia threw unsuccessfully at the Academy Awards.

Attraction was a domestic box office success, where it was played in 3D Imax with 2D. Feeling in places like magnetic tape previous movies include Independence Day, World War, District 9 and RoboCop, it provides the thrill of guilt in the light of social commentary. Being a rare Russian Science Fiction blockbuster, it should have been ready to attract audiences, although the language barrier could hinder English-speaking markets due to limited overlap between user-friendly subtitles cinema and bloodthirsty action fans. Currently touring film festivals in Europe and Asia, Attraction premieres in German theaters next week. A launch in the US has yet to be confirmed.

Key point

Close encounters are of the silly kind.

The opening performance was a spectacular display of visual fireworks and aerobatics. Russian military commanders intercepted a giant UFO in a dazzling meteor shower, shooting it down as it appeared to threaten Moscow. Craftsmanship plummeted on earth in Chertanovo residential area south of the city center, smashing high-rise apartment buildings before flattening a whole neighborhood. This horrific crash and the spaceship design itself, a kind of giant spinning eyeball suspended inside gyroscope rings, are both the finest examples of luxury goods. VFX Work.

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After the accident that killed dozens of people, Moscow began to be on high military alert. But Colonel Valentin Lebedev (Oleg Menshikov), designated to lead the military response, emergency alert. Against hawkish politicians demanding an all-out attack, Lebedev instead, contact aliens who telepathically communicate from within biological body armor. He then agrees to seal the crashed spaceship so the extraterrestrials can complete their repair plan and leave the planet. But the rebellious teenage daughter of the colonel Yulia (Irina Starshenbaum) and her boyfriend Artyom (Alexander Petrov) has a different idea, sneaking into the heavily guarded impact zone in search of alien treasure.

The absurd piles up on the absurd, Attraction diverging midway from an action thriller to a girl-alien romance, all with a twist of cultural conflict and father-daughter friction. It then culminates with a violent extremism as angry mobs of humans rise up against the intergalactic immigrants in an ongoing street battle that threatens to obliterate the entire universe. Moscow ministry.

The film’s poignant message about tolerance for outsiders contains many proud rhetoric about the fact that the Russians are a peace-loving people, they only attack in self-defense, this should play well with Bondarchuk’s at least close friends with Putin. The sensational melody here becomes less like Independence Day and closer to classic Cold War Hollywood propaganda like The day the Earth stood still or This Island Earthwith their underlying anxieties about nuclear escalation.

Attraction feels much bigger and sleeker than its modest budget, which is reportedly around $6 million. Its characters may be cryptic, its pacing is extensive, and its derivative plot, but it is rarely boring. Even if Bondarchuk is a stranger with flair, his ability to capture the rhythm of action and his crowd-pleasing genre stories shine through. So he methodically provides a checklist of fan-boy essentials including a sexy young cast, partial nudity, wild car chases, stimulate Exciting alien hardware and combat scenes. Serious Science Fiction, Attraction barely leaves the boot. But as a transcendental bubble spectacle, it easily flew into orbit.

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Production company: Art Pictures Studio, Vodorod 2011
Actor: Irina Starshenbaum, Oleg MenshikovAlexander Petrov, Darya Rudenok, Rinal Mukhametov
Manager: Fyodor Bondarchuk
Writer: Andrey Zolotaryov, Oleg Malovichko
Producer: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy RudovskiyMikhail VrubelAlexander AndryuschenkoAnton Zlatopolsky
Cinematographer: Mikhail Khasaya
Editor: Alexander Andryushchenko
Music: Ivan Burlyaev
Production design: Zhanna Pakhomova

120 minutes

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