Autopsy Confirms Death by Suicide

Robin Williams‘The death is presumed to be a suicide, Marin County officials confirmed Friday. An autopsy showed Williams’ death was due to asphyxiation and hanging.

The actor died at the age of 63 on August 11 at his home in Tiburon, Calif. In Marin County. Toxicology reports suggest that there are antidepressants, caffeine, and levodopa, a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease, in his system. Williams has battled major depression for many years and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, his widow, Susan, was revealed after his death. He also had “recently increased paranoia,” according to the medical history recorded by authorities at the scene.

The night before Williams died, he put some wristwatches in a sock and took them with someone (name edited) because he was worried about the watches. and “wanted to keep them safe,” according to the report. Then, at 7:09 p.m., he called Susan to tell her he was picking up magazines for her at the bookstore.

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When he returned home, Williams gave Susan the magazines and seemed “OK,” she told investigators. He then went in and out of their bedroom, rummaging through their closet. He left with his iPad, and Susan said “she recalls thinking it was a good thing when he took it, because she assumed he was in a good mood and was going to spend some time.” reading time; he hasn’t read or watched TV in six months. ” He left the bedroom around 10:30 p.m. – that would be the last time she would see him.

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Twelve hours later, Susan learned that her husband was still asleep and left the house. At about 11:45 a.m. on August 11, Williams’ assistant appeared worried. He slipped a bill under the door, then selected the lock. He saw the comedian wearing a long black T-shirt and black jeans with a belt, hanging from a nylon belt in a closet doorframe. The actor, who is being treated for severe depression, also has cuts on his wrists. He doesn’t wear a ring or a watch.

Williams was found in an empty bedroom of his stepson, who had been visiting his father. The actor slept in a separate bedroom because he had trouble sleeping and was “restless due to Parkinson’s and anxiety problems,” and talked in his sleep, the coroner’s report said. The room had a bunk bed – the upper bunk was neatly made – the lower bunk was crumpled and the bedding was pulled down.

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Near the body, investigators found personal items placed on a chair, including an iPad and two different antidepressants: Mirtazapene and Seroquel. Police found a pocket knife engraved with a dried red substance that was later identified as Williams’ blood. Susan told investigators Williams often received gifts from his USO tours with the military, and that the knife was likely from her husband’s collection.

Beside the chair was a pair of black sneakers. In the right shoe is a pair of black socks; on the left, the hypothetical case of a pocket knife. Williams’ iPhone and wallet were found in his pocket.

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According to reports, by the time police arrived, Williams was apparently dead. No attempt was made to revive him and his death was declared at 12:02 pm

Despite a long and well-documented history of depression, Williams’ wife and assistant said he has never exhibited suicidal thoughts or behavior. His pill dispenser was refilled the day before, but the pills remained undisturbed during their designated daily intervals, Sunday through Saturday. The investigator asked Susan if Robin had ever mentioned suicide “as a solution to an important health problem.” After searching through Williams’ iPad, near his body, Coroner D. Harris found only web browsers that open drug information. A scan of his iPhone found no texts or messages suggesting he was committing suicide.

“No reflective devices or pornography near the body,” the report said. The coroner said he “frankly asked” if Williams had a “history of automatic bowel asphyxia. Ms. Williams claims that he did not.” However, one interviewee said Williams had made a movie years earlier in which his character’s son accidentally died from asphyxiation. The person added that “the scene was very difficult and emotional for Williams” and that he may have studied hanging during filming.

A search of Williams’ iPhone, iPad and home computer revealed no search history for suicide or hanging. However, the investigator writes that he later watched the movie in question – the dark comedy World’s Greatest Father – and said the character’s son was found “sitting on the floor, learning forward with a lanyard around his neck secured with straps” – very similar to the scene in which Williams died.

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The Marin sheriff’s office had previously been criticized for disclosing candid details about Williams’ death but said the disclosure was necessary under California’s Public Records Act. The final autopsy report was originally scheduled to be released on September 30 but was delayed twice.

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Williams won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as a competent psychologist in Goodwill to hunt and earned four Academy Award nominations in a career that includes both film and television. His most recent TV show, Crazy guys with Sarah Michelle Gellarcanceled after one season.

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