Behind That Aunt May Shocker

[This story contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.]

The pinnacle moment at the heart of the new Marvel and Sony Spiderman Movies are something inevitable and utterly surprising, as well as a way to make headlines There is no way home right in the way few see coming.

On the other hand, the fact that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) struggles with the death of a loved one during his career as a masked wall-cracker is nothing new – but, really, who has really been. see Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) who has to bite the bullet and push the movie into the final act?

May Parker’s death is, in terms of Spider-Man mythology, a big deal. May is a constant in Spider-Man lore across various media, to the point where she outlives Peter Parker in at least two different realities. (Ultimate Universe comic book, introduced Miles Morales, and 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versethis brought Miles to the big screen and positioned May as a mentor character.) May is a constant that, in the main Marvel comic book continuum, her death in 1995. Amazing Spider-Man Number 400 was undone three years later because, well, Spider-Man demand an Aunt May in his life.

(Her resurrection method has proven to be amazing in itself; it is revealed that real Aunt May never died, but was instead an actress posing as Aunt May as part of a maze plot hatched by the Green Goblin, who knew Spider-Man’s true identity. The fact that she died in the hospital, surrounded by medical professionals who were supposed to confirm her identity is damned!)

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Aunt May isn’t just a family member who can be threatened by whatever circumstances the plot calls for, though it’s a story element she serves – a reminder that life Peter Parker’s everyday is just as important as Spider-Man’s superhero, if not more. Her presence is a connection to the story of the first Spider-Man, and to the character’s original sin: failing to save his uncle Ben due to his self-interest and inaction. Aunt May is a widow – and more often than not, a sick widow both physically and financially, to emphasize her unfortunate situation as clearly as possible – because Peter has failed. , because he doesn’t live up to Ben’s belief that with great power comes great responsibility. She is a vivid reminder of what happens when he fails; a wonderfully dramatic conceit for a character motivated by a fear of failure.

Of course, the MCU Spider-Man doesn’t have any of that – or, at least, are notbefore There is no way home. Not only is that Spider-Man’s true origins more obscure (Who is Uncle Ben to Peter? How did he die?), but any suggestion that Peter is really struggling with life? his everyday life is somewhat misleading, as the connection to Tony Stark formed in his first solo film. Holland’s Spider-Man has the costumes and entertainment levels of anxiety and sham syndrome, but he’s particularly distinct from the classic version of the character, which has its roots in a tragic past that single MCU Spidey simply… don’t share.

With the death of MCU May, it’s fascinating to look at the trilogy of Homecoming / Far From Home / No Way Home as an extended source for this version of Spider-Man, which eventually brought him to the point where all the other Spider-Mans spent about half an hour in their own movie. (Or at the end of their first comic book story, whether it’s an issue number or seven.) Sure, Holland’s Peter Parker ended up having a tragic death he could feel his feelings for. takes responsibility and tries to spend the rest of his career stopping the move forward, and even gives a speech about taking responsibility to get him moving in that direction. Finally, he made it!

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In that case, the question becomes: Who will be the MCU version of Aunt May, if we get more of a Spider-Man story? Not in the sense of, “Who’s going to play May Parker?” – because, well, it’s Marisa Tomei and this character is dead until Norman Osborn says otherwise – but who will be the character to remind Peter of his failure instead, and of the times easier and happier than before loss?

The end of There is no way home leaving the answer unanswered – especially with a mechanic suggesting that Peter has isolated himself in a way the character rarely has in the past. It’s a new place not just for this version of the character, but for Peter Parker and Spider-Man in general; somewhere for the character to grow and potentially build a supporting cast similar to what other Spider-Mans have come to love, if that’s where fates (and studio executives) lead him ta. If nothing else, he needs at least one character that knows when he’s coming back to remind him of his worst moment, someone he can never cut ties with. with… but who could it be, if there’s no May Parker in the photo?

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