Biden’s 2022 State of the Union Draws 38 Million Viewers

President Joe Biden’s first official state drew a significantly larger television audience than his speech to Congress last year.

The site’s coverage drew a total of 38.2 million viewers Tuesday night, with the majority – 33.83 million – watching across the four major broadcast networks and three major cable news channels. That’s a significant increase from last year’s speech (not technically a Union speech; the president’s first SOTU came a year after they took office) but at a lower level in terms of viewership for the annual event in recent history.

Biden’s speech at a joint session of Congress in April 2021 drew just under 27 million viewers across 16 television networks, a number that surpassed third by just seven major outlets. 38.2 million people, up 42% over last year; 33.83 million people watched on ABC, CBS, the Fox television networks, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, up 44% from the 2021 address on those channels (23.44 million).

Fox News attracted the largest audience with 7.21 million followers on this site. ABC leads the broadcast list with 6.3 million viewers. CBS (4.86 million) surpassed CNN (4.83 million) in third place. NBC had 4.71 million speech viewers, followed by MSNBC (4.06 million) and the Fox broadcast network (1.86 million). Univision (1.35 million viewers), Telemundo (1.16 million), Newsmax (462,000) and CNBC (284,000) brought the total to 37.08 million. PBS, NBC LX, Black News Channel, CNNe and NewsNation make up the remaining 1.12 million.

ABC performed best in the main news demographic of adults 25-54 with a rating of 1.54, which equates to about 1.86 million people in that age group. CNN (ranked 1.47) narrowly beat Fox (1.4) for second. Followed by NBC (1.26), CBS (0.89), MSNBC (0.56) and Fox broadcast (0.54).

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Yet despite its remarkable gains year after year, Biden’s First State of the Union drew a smaller audience than any of the first addresses of his near predecessors. here is his. Bill Clinton’s first official state in 1994 averaged 45.8 million viewers; George W. Bush’s 2002 attracted 51.77 million; Barack Obama’s 2010 only more than 48 million; and Donald Trump in 2018 averaged 45.55 million.

Biden’s speech drew a larger audience than some speeches during former boss Obama’s second term and Clinton’s last in 2000 (31.48 million people). It also surpasses Trump’s 2020 address (37.17 million) and Bush’s in 2008 (37.52 million).

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March 2, 3:20 pm Updated last viewed metrics.

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