Book of Boba Fett’s Jennifer Beals on Star Wars Disney+ Series

[This story contains spoilers for episode six of The Book of Boba Fett.]

The Star Wars The experience for Jennifer Beals was amazing – and incredibly rewarding.

Beals connected to the franchise when she was young as she watched A new hope for the first time and noticed that Star Wars – as well as for so many fans – spoke to her on a whole other level. Decades later, the actress ended up immersing herself in a galaxy far, far away, playing the role of Garsa Fwip in multiple episodes of the series. Books by Boba Fett.

Sadly, it looks like the character’s time is surprisingly close to the end. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Beals not long after “Chapter 6: From the Desert to a Stranger” aired on Disney+ to discuss how she got into the series, her unique contributions to the character and Garsa’s (possibly) fate, etc.

How did you get involved with Books by Boba Fett?

My agent called and said Jon Favreau wanted to talk to me about a role in what they called then. Mandalorian. I zoomed in with Jon, Robert [Rodriguez] and Dave [Filoni] about the characters and really love what they’ve come up with. I had a few suggestions, but I made sure to consider them carefully, as they are the gatekeepers of this extraordinary canon. They were extremely open to what I had to say and implemented some of the ideas.

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Mind sharing some of your ideas that they’ve added?

In the Sanctuary, in the original script, my employees called me “Master”. And I said, “Given that Garsa is trying to create a literal sanctuary of beauty and balance in a world that lacks both, I think we could choose another language. I am not anyone’s boss. I am their master.” I feel proud to have played a free, prosperous Twi’lek who has witnessed her share of battles. Another thing they gave me was the scar that ran from her collarbone to her sternum. I said, “Going through war, you can’t go out unscathed. And maybe there’s a way we can show that without having to say anything about it.”

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How arduous is your makeup process?

It really doesn’t take long. My hair and makeup take less time Books by Boba Fett than it did The letter I. And I think it’s because I’m just wearing makeup [for Garsa]. Lekku [head] have been created. And [makeup artist] Alexy [Jukic-Prévost], who are just brilliant, create stencils for eye makeup. They’re the witches over there.

What is your level? Star Wars previous fandom Boba Fett’s Books, and where are you now?

The first movie made sense to me that, as a child, I was always curious about God. And I have a real feeling that there’s something other than what I’m seeing. So when I see One New Expect, when they talked about the Force, I said, “Oh! That’s what I’m looking for! “It just feels familiar. So I was a big fan as a kid. Now I’m haunted. (Laugh.) Now I look at things differently.

I like that Sanctuary, like the Mos Eisley cantina, is a realistic setting with the decor and characters that come to life there, not CG. Shoot how?

I think I will have a blue screen the whole time. And I entered the Holy Land, and I didn’t have to visualize anything about my environment. The technical and creative excellence is unparalleled on that set.

What is the reaction of the fans? Different from any other projects you’ve been involved in?

Good, The letter I The fandom is awesome. I was just going to say that. They are present and lovable. But it’s a smaller program. The Star Wars The fans are excited, and so are they! They were extremely welcoming, and it was a pleasure to see; it was fun to see their joy and surprise. It was an unbelievable experience entering the pleasure dome.

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How did you feel when you read about the bombing of the Holy Land that happened in today’s episode?

They give me all my episodes at once, so I can read where I start and where I end. And I was fine. Of course, I would love to move on and on, but there is a moment of acceptance that this is the story. I feel very fortunate to have stepped in, even if only for a short time, into Star Wars The universe.

Is there any hope left for Garsa Fwip to survive?

You have to talk to Dave and Jon about it. (Laugh.) We know she’s a survivor, so who knows.

Finally, I know you’re working on some projects that you can’t discuss at the moment, but can you share the creative satisfaction that comes from taking action instead?

They are very connected to me in that I am always guided by the heart of the story. And when it rings, it’s like a bell that wakes up my soul and leads me to places I haven’t been. There are so many stories I want to tell. I love telling misrepresented stories of all genres, big or small, discovering people redefining their strengths, finding their way, and maybe even guiding others.

The edited interview is long and clear.

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