‘Bridgerton’ BFFs on Lady Whistledown Reveal in Season 2 Finale

[This story contains major spoilers for the second season of Netflix’s Bridgerton.]

“They won’t-will not” take on a whole new meaning in BridgertonThe finale of the second season – this time, not for a romantic love affair, but one of beloved friendships.

Aside from the longing and intensely burning stares of the show’s typical romances (of which there are many this season), it’s the fiasco between on-screen BFF Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington makes viewers sit and wait more.

And the actresses have been looking forward to this moment.

“Julia Quinn, who wrote the book, says, ‘This is one of the most important love stories in total. Bridgerton and it just so happened that it was a friendship,” recalls Nicola Coughlan talking to The Hollywood Reporter about a conversation she had on set with Bridgerton author of the novel about how the revelation would affect Penelope and Eloise’s close friendship.

At the end of the season, Eloise (Claudia Jessie) discovers that Lady Whistledown’s true identity is none other than her best friend and confidant Penelope (played by Coughlan). And while audiences have learned about the big secret since the end of season one, Eloise feels the greatest betrayal upon hearing the news.

“When I first read it. I was like: Yes! ” Jessie said, perhaps, surprising the audience. “Because that’s the person you want to get to know the most. That’s the highest stake – you want [Eloise]. “

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Leading up to the pivotal moment, audiences see Penelope struggle throughout the season to keep her personal secrets under wraps, with the likes of the Queen, and even Eloise herself, still looking to uncover destroy Lady Whistledown’s identity.

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“Every time we shoot [final] The scene, we would cut, then Nicola and I would have a light hug, and then we would go back to start over,” Jessie said of filming the tense argument scene between the two friends.

“[It] Coughlan adds. “But it’s something that we always know is coming because you know, you can’t cheat on a friend for a long time and not expect it to have consequences.”

Consequences, really. The ending scene shows Eloise telling Penelope that she never wants to see or talk to her again.

As for whether the on-screen best friends will reunite in the future, Jessie said that she believes the pair can make it through this difficult patch. “I think they will,” Jessie said of what could happen in seasons three and four. “It would be nice to see their loss in a short time. That’s always a good view, isn’t it? “

She added, “I think it’s important that they reunite and their friendship matures after that breakup. I liked that they did it in the script. I love filming that scene. When I watched it, I was just very pleased that it was a very intense, very succinct, very serious, lively and well written discussion. “

Bridgerton season two is currently streaming on Netflix.

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