‘Call Me Kat’ Review

On the award-winning BBC sitcom Miranda, which premiered in 2009, British comic Miranda Hart used her incredible height to great comedic effect. Her six-foot-tall protagonist, a joke shop owner, is at once slow, clumsy, and endearing: With gratuitousness, she outperforms nearly everyone else on screen while Never miss an opportunity to show off your uniqueness. The actress’ endearing bravery combined perfectly with her substantial bounty, leading to the film’s success and catapulting Hart to international stardom.

Fox’s Call me Kat, an American multi-commitment adaptation of this British hit, plays to the scale in a different way. The show reverses the pretentiousness of its predecessor, introducing a compact main character instead. contrast with her comedic vitality. Interestingly, the Indian-looking Mayim Bialik is almost overshadowed by her co-stars in most frames. Friends, relatives, and love interests are all lurking behind little Kat Silver, but nonetheless, her strange personality still makes them admire.

Key point

A return to form for Bialik, but her radiance has only gone so far.

Bialik doesn’t quite look like Gumby like she did in the Halcyon days of her early ’90s teen sitcom Flower, where she regularly dances, hits the gym and sometimes even flips backwards, all of which rocked her collection of vibrant floral print headwear. (By full disclosure, I owned a Blossom doll growing up and never forgiven the Tyco designers for sticking that damn jewel-encrusted hat on her scalp.) But Even thirty years later, Bialik is as vivacious as ever. Call me Kat is the actress’ return to form after playing a starchy cannibal for nearly a decade. The Big Bang Theory. (CEO Bialik produced the show with her ex BBT co-star Jim Parsons.) Her delivery times and ways have never been quicker: Ignoring Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler’s grimace for the most part, Bialik lets Kat Silver’s eccentricities soar like a balloon. the balloon is deflated. It was so bad, then, Call me Kat suffer from a weakness like Miranda: Only the main character holds your attention and nothing else.

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Former math professor and cafe owner Kat refuses to apologize for her happiness. Or her wardrobe. An anxious extrovert and deliberately disgusted with etiquette, she struggles to get through life, caught up in cockamamie races and quasi-romantic misunderstandings. In the pilot, she challenges a hostess by inviting a platonic community to a formal event. In another episode, she jokes with a blind date about having diarrhea. Of the four episodes devoted to critics, there isn’t a single episode where she doesn’t sing, dance, or get a little drunk.

The show’s main stylistic gimmick is Kat’s nagging fourth wall break, in which she speaks directly to the audience to comment on the plot or her feelings. (What was once considered daffy has been made cool again thanks to Fleabag.) While these downsides sometimes interrupt the flow of the story, they’re also the show’s funniest moments, Bialik easily makes you smile with just a slight change in his voice. she. This is a woman belonging to a live audience.

With a chic bob and a layered array of tassels, wraps and studs not to mention her resonant alto lilt Kat has a nostalgic, round ball-style charm of Bette Midler or Barbra Streisand. That’s why her mother on social media Louisville (Swoosie Kurtz) told her why she still hasn’t found a husband.

Creator Darlene Hunt and her writing team emphasize Kat’s lack of refreshing despair, allowing her to be content unattached at 39. (Why she is written as just about to turn forty, in when Bialik himself is actually forty-five, is another matter to fully decompress. ?)

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However, despite being comfortable in single life, Kat immediately sees her tough college friend Max (Cheyenne Jackson) when he returns to Kentucky after a decade in Europe. Bialik and Jackson are clearly having a ball together such as their collective dynamic in a karaoke duet sequence but I hesitate to classify their chemistry as anything other than affection/fraternity. As Kat admits with just a little honesty, “Honestly, the real joy of being loved is that it only comes from one side. It’s up to me to do as I please without his uncomfortable feelings getting in the way. “

However, Kat’s sparkle isn’t enough to illuminate her bland surroundings, including her 2014 cat-themed cafe scene, her adorable mom and barista friends her bad temper. (Despite their brave efforts, comic book veterans Leslie Jordan and Kyla Pratt had nothing to do but react to Bialik’s chatter.) -com leads you’ve encountered before. Hunt’s penchant for the rough, honed big C. We think the burnt coconut looks like hair, so we call it ‘Mom’s Feather Cake!’

Bialik’s vivaciousness isn’t enough to overpower the slick narrative and cliché third action moral, but Call me Kat likely to deepen the characteristics of its population over time. However, for now, I just want to be friends with Kat and Kat alone.

Actors: Mayim Bialik, Cheyenne Jackson, Swoosie Kurtz, Leslie Jordan, Kyla Pratt, Julian Gant, Vanessa Lachey

Created by: Darlene Hunt

Premieres: Sunday, January 3, at 8 p.m. (Fox)

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