Courtney Henggeler Is Pushing for Amanda’s Karate Breakout

[This story contains spoilers for Cobra Kai season four.]

Courtney Henggeler is still having a hard time turning around the huge success of Cobra Kai.

Popular Netflix show based on karate Kid The franchise dropped its fourth season on New Year’s Eve, and within days it was among the top titles on the global platform, according to Netflix’s own numbers.

A kid of the 80s, like most, watched karate boy on a spin, the actress who plays Amanda, the wife of Daniel LaRusso, says The Hollywood Reporter she takes great pride in both the series and her character’s substantial growth throughout the seasons, scoring highly in the most recent season.

Please share your thoughts on Amanda’s journey from thinking that Daniel and Johnny’s rivalry is absurd to being directly involved in a situation that has become increasingly stressful and dangerous for her family.

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I think it’s a natural evolution. Karate has always been a part of her life ever since she met Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi. It was part of their lives – but it was on another level when Johnny (William Zabka) came back and reopened Cobra Kai. So she was like, “What is this midlife crisis?” It all seems so absurd! (Laugh.) But when it affects her babies and her house is being destroyed, she has no choice but to participate. She must participate.

And I love that in season four, they pair Amanda with Tory (Peyton List), because Amanda’s past is something that resonates deeply with her when she sees Tory. It was great that they gave her a new perspective on it, because Amanda found that if you get in trouble or get ignored or the kids get pushed aside, that starts the process of growth.

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Speaking of which, did you know that the Amanda/Tory theme is coming or are you just as surprised as the fans because, for some, it’s a hard pill to swallow when Amanda suddenly takes care of an enemy of her daughter?

At the beginning of the season, the creators give us a character overview of what to expect and they mention that I’m going to be a mom on Tory – and I love that! You don’t know much about Amanda when the series begins, other than that she’s married to Daniel. And I asked to know more about her, which they put together with Tory was really amazing. She sees a lot of herself in Tory, so it’s a big conflict to have because her #1 priority is her family, Samantha (Mary Mouser). However, no one on this show is pure good or evil – except perhaps Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Amanda is definitely involved in the overall battle between good and evil in the Valley, but will we ever see her finally throw a punch?

I really hope that one day we’ll see Amanda confident in her own karate abilities. One of these seasons, she must know some karate, right?! (Laugh.) I suggested to the writers that she finally play karate, and they said, “Hmm. Probably someday…” Maybe when they don’t have a plot. (Laugh.) But I lay the foundation every season!

No one died in the accident Cobra Kai. All female characters are strong or find their strength quickly. How wonderful is that feeling?

I loved the season one All Valley Karate Tournament where boys versus girls, girls versus boys, which sounds weird when said out loud, but it’s this: If you’re one boxer, you are a martial artist. Two of our creators have daughters, so they are very sensitive and understanding. They never wrote anything like, “This is what boys will do and this is what girls will do.” That is, “This is what badass will do and this is what other badass will do.”

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Cobra Kai The fans are core and very passionate. How wonderful was that reception for you?

The only other show I’ve ever done with such wary fans would be The Big Bang Theorybut I’m only a small part of that, so I don’t understand the scope. Cobra Kai took it to the next level. They are very enthusiastic and passionate!

The edited interview is long and clear.

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