The best thing about FX’s Booking dog is that depending on the episode, any of the four stars of the show – Devery Jacobs, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Lane Factor, Paulina Alexis – could be front and center, as each The young, never-before-seen actor has a proven ability to tie parts together with creator Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi’s distinctive blend of quirky humor and earnest heart.

The worst thing about FX’s Booking dog. without a breakout performance; There are four.

One week, attention is on Woon-A-Tai as Bear, whose search for a positive male role model leads him to comic interactions with a lovable and sad spirit guide. put his hopes on his hilarious dead father.

Then, next week, you’d think the show was built around the Era of Jacobs, grieving the recent loss of her best friend, and the decades-old wounds from her death. her mother, with Jacobs deftly and soulfully confronting the guest. stars like Gary Farmer and Bill Burr.

Blessed with perfect comic timing, Alexis gives each of Willie Jack’s lines a unique reading, and the episode “Hunting,” with Jon Proudstar specifically as Willie Jack’s father, is probably the first episode. most abundant.

And speaking of great two-handed guys, Factor’s Cheese, which seems to be able to bond with all the older characters, really blooms in “Come and Get Your Love,” an episode he shares with The great Zahn McClarnon as Big, part of the Indigenous police force of their reserve.

Together, the four actors and their instantly indelible characters form a group of well-meaning thugs who commit petty crimes as an escape from their seemingly dead community. They’re all shaped by a Hollywood they can’t quite relate to – check out the show’s cheeky title or the music by Bear’s dad or Elora’s. Willow– catchy name – and look for a connection to the past of a tribe that is being assimilated or disappearing altogether. It gives each actor a chance to show toughness and show vulnerability in a way that’s common to any teenage experience and completely characterizes Harjo’s Oklahoma roots.

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Much of the credit goes to casting director Angelique Midthunder, who helmed the US and Canada for the Indigenous and First Person actors. Booking dog is Factor’s sole credit. Woon-A-Tai and Alexis have been seen mainly on Canadian television and together in indie Bean. Jacobs has more prominent roles on shows including American Gods and Rutherford Falls, but it’s this installment that has raised her profile to the point where she’ll have the next big Marvel series. Take part in discoveries like scene-stealers Lil Mike and Funny Bone as local rappers Mose and Mekko, Sarah Podemski as Bear’s hardworking mother, and plenty of underused native actors in the country. top form, and Booking dog exactly the type of project for which the selection awards should be undertaken.

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