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[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, “Home”]

Diary of a vampire end the season with permanent deaths (or should it be “permanent deaths”?).

From the very beginning, the series toyed with the definition of death. Nearly all of the characters in Mystic Falls, if not all, have seen the light (at least once, if not more) and have somehow extended their lives in the show. process in one form or another, whether it is by magic, resurrection, or as ghosts. .

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Thursday’s finale, “Home,” attempted to eliminate the show’s tendency to switch between life and death, turning it off forever instead. The instability of the Other Side remains at the heart of the second half of season five. The complete disintegration of the Other Party and those unable to pass through the brief revival spell window will find themselves trapped in eternal death. Death came to the two of Mystic Falls.

The Hollywood Reporter highlights the biggest sneak peeks and tear-jerking moments from season five closer.

Stefan’s “Death”

Stefan’s stay on the Other Side is only temporary. While on the Other Side, Stefan reunites with his best friend Lexi, who saved Stefan from being taken away for good. “I think you owe me a beer.” Meanwhile, in the world of the living, Damon is unaware of Stefan’s death. (This will return around the end.) Apparently, Damon, Elena, Caroline and Co. did not accept Stefan’s death so easily. So they started making a plan.

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It’s a bit complicated, but here’s the bottom line: They’ll intentionally create a gas leak at Mystic Grill, according to Damon. That way, the Travelers, who want to take over Mystic Falls and remove it from the supernatural (including vampires, werewolves, etc.), are terminated and revival magic begins, which means that all their loved ones may return from the Other Side. Caroline (awesomely) kills Liv’s brother Luke to force her to help them cast the spell – this after Travelers leader Markos changed the town limits of Mystic Falls to where the magic begins. But who will cause the explosion?

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Damon is the one who activated “Project Kaboom”

Damon has to tell Elena at the town cemetery that he is the one who will “trigger the explosion” at the Mystic Grill. Elena doesn’t have it and then asks him a big question. “Do you see the future with me because that’s all I see.” Damon says he’s seen it “since Day One,” asking her to “respect” his choice to sacrifice his life for others. Then he made a promise he shouldn’t have kept: “I’ll pay you back. I promise.” Just as Damon was about to drive past the Mystic Grill in bright glory, Elena jumped in. “You said respect your choice. Now you can respect me,” said Elena. Seconds before the car sped through the town’s hot spot filled with Tourists, Damon and Elena gave each other one last longing look.

Race against other factions

After Damon and Elena appear on the Other Side after the Mystic Grill (RIP) explosion, Elena stumbles across Alaric (welcome back!) But she’s very worried about locating Damon. Instead, Ric tells her to focus on finding Jeremy, who was at the Mystic Grill during the explosion. Meanwhile, Damon wakes up and finds Sheriff Forbes under a collapsing pillar. Struggling to free it, Ric comes to the rescue, saving Liz from the clutches of death. Not long after, the two best friends were joking around like never before. “Friendly advice: When you finally get the girl, don’t blow her up,” Ric told his friend, an old callback. Everyone rushes to the cemetery because the spell has an expiration date, but Damon doesn’t.

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Back to life

Everyone who has featured in the second half of the season is there. Enzo, another friend of Damon’s, who was the first to come across Bonnie and come back to life, stumbles across Caroline, who is in shock. Next is Tyler, who notices that everything seems a bit difference. Translation: He is human again. While Elena fights to stay until Damon returns, Bonnie forces her friend through, as she grows weaker and falls, which inadvertently brings Stefan back to life. Ric also passed by. (Yay!) Lexi is next, but she’s not about to take Damon’s place; instead, she helps kill Markos before capturing herself. Luke stops Liv from continuing with the spell, abruptly cutting off the Other Side – with Damon still stuck on Mistake edge. Oh, oh. But he’s not alone: ​​Bonnie is there with him. Remember, once the Other Party is no longer nice, she will go with it.

Ugly goodbye

“I’ve lost both,” Stefan said, mourning Lexi and Damon’s deaths at the cemetery as Caroline listened. “Finally, Damon has everything he wants. He was very happy. He should be here. Elena’s pain is unbearable and she tries to string meaningful words together as she falls to the ground and cries… and cries… and cries. “You lied to me,” she said, when the ghost of Damon appeared before her. “Even if I wanted to apologize, you can’t hear me, so I won’t,” he said, stroking her face, though she couldn’t feel his presence. “By far, you are the best thing that has happened. … The fact that I must die knowing I am loved… is the epitome of a fulfilling life. … It will never get better than this. I’ve reached the top.” Elena made a small plea: “Please, come back to me.” Another person from her past returns to help comfort her: Ric. (Matt Davis will be a series regular in season six.)

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Hello death

Bonnie and Damon stood side by side as the Other Side toppled around them. Although they didn’t see much of the problem directly, it didn’t matter anymore. “[I’m] sure there are a million other people we want to be with, but…,” Bonnie said before taking his hand. They have to face blinding light when it begins to consume them. “Do you think it will hurt?” Damon’s last words: “I don’t know…”

Other observations and notable quotes from the episode:

– Although the possibility of Damon and Bonnie’s death is very small, it is heartbreaking for Elena to go through the excruciating pain of losing her true love. Currently, there is no loophole or spell or temporary fix to get Damon and Bonnie back to normal. One wonders how they’ll get them back to Mystic Falls, or what’s left of it, and the other wonders how this will change Elena and Stefan’s perspective on their lives.

– So bad. About the time Ric returned.

– RIP Lexi, Silas and Grams. Maybe forever.

– “Is it bad for a handsome person to be so sad all the time?” – Silas

– “Your biceps shrink and your brain shrinks?” – Damon

What do you think about the finale? Do you think Damon and Bonnie will come back to life? If so, how?

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