‘Deadwater Fell’ Review

In these uncertain times, viewers go beyond their usual doubts to find new shows in their favorite TV genre. Of course, if you’re a fan of brooding crime dramas, chances are Acorn is already on your radar.

If you’re still wondering about the British-friendly streaming platform, perhaps a convoluted mystery featuring David Tennant and Cush Jumbo – speaking in their native accents – will make you convert.

Key point

Mystery doesn’t always work, but small-town things are fascinating.

Four episodes Deadwater Fell from creator Daisy Coulam (Grantchester) isn’t really an overhaul for its particular genre, but thanks to entertaining performances and a viewing angle that steers viewers away from the obvious, it’s a reasonably quick gratification.

Deadwater Fell Set in a charming Scottish village, where the entire population gathers in the square to cheer for the participants in the annual cross-country cycling race. In this community, the Kendricks are loved. Tom (Tennant) is a local doctor, Kate (Anna Madeley) is a school teacher and with three perfect kids and an estate, they seem to have it all. However, when tragedy strikes and Tom is the sole survivor, it upsets all of the town’s expectations, causing particular unrest for Kendricks’ best friends Steve (Matthew McNulty). ), a police sergeant, and Jess (Jumbo), Kate’s best friend and colleague. teacher.

This will shock you, but the Kendricks may not be the perfect, happy family they’ve introduced them to, and Tom may not be the epitome of the bearded, sweater-wearing virtue that everyone people think they already know. Miller places these personal shadows around quaint rural architecture, Scotland’s verdant hills and valleys, and in a key scene a lovely day trip to the sea.

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Trap of Deadwater Fell sounds like elements that an annoyed viewer would classify as reminiscent of “The Movie of a Lifetime,” leaving aside the many themes and plots that have been chosen under that umbrella. Coulam and series director Lynsey Miller are aware that “Deadly Wife,” “Doctor Keeps Secrets,” and “Pathos from Dead Children” are genre standards and have moments-moments. best – when Deadwater Fell feels like a commentary on the stories the genre tends to focus on and whose voice it often finds important. It should be noted here that the “Lifetime Movie” label amazingly omits how much of the original Lifetime was written and directed by women, and the extent to which the minimization of the “women in danger” designations cannot avoid.

Tennant is an easy hook to draw viewers in, and he’ll get at least a small kick for playing this seemingly admirable town mainstay, who happens to have these deathly cold eyes. The story is told with just enough distortion that you can have fun watching Tennant tease “Killer or just a giant hole?” conundrum surrounding Tom. If you don’t always understand the character’s psyche, it’s because Coulam wants to use Tennant and Tom as bait, but not the heart of the story. this is not The church is wide.

The series is more about how a community deals with both tragedy and mystery and how a nightmare like the one depicted in the first episode can create ripples for the everyday mysteries and tragedies that people face. person going through. It could also be The church is widebother you, and The church is wide perhaps the best example of how this genre can provide a fair measure of crime and the whole world is shaken by it. Deadwater Fell leaning more towards the latter.

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So, “Is Tom a killer?” could be the main plot, but “What’s going on with Jess and Steve’s fertility treatments?” and “Why is Steve, who seems so smart and capable, content to be a cop in a small town?” and “Should we be concerned that Steve’s ex-wife is dating a much younger man?” are all questions of equal merit. I’d say movies of this genre tend to define the main crisis as the only thing of interest happening in whatever sleepy heist they take, and Coulam seems to be using the situation Kendrick as an installation to explore how a town copes and moves on (while keeping the viewer at least suspenseful).

Halfway through, Jumbo is safely entrenched as the true hero of the story, which makes this week an important one for the British star of the show. Good fight. She and McNulty, a semi-familiar face if you watch enough British TV, have solid chemistry to match the delightful but flawed relationship between Jess and Steve. As Carol, Tom’s mother, Maureen Beattie has more screen time than the genre normally allows. The series ensures that Kate’s Madeley is a far more frequent presence than the events of the premiere would suggest, and deliberately makes her moral ambiguity a more open question. much more than Tom’s cooler alternation of black and white. Miller does a great job of bringing Kate-centered flashbacks, often in a more positive tone than they appear, into the extremely dark material of the investigation.

With that dark material, Deadwater Fell It’s a far cry from escapist viewing, and even if the series doesn’t treat the deaths of some children in hyper-graphic terms, it can be difficult to watch. I also won’t think of an unpredictable beat or two at the end, which is a bit too rushed and predictable. Deadwater Fell still provides enough distraction and enough nuance to make it worth a try.

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Actors: David Tennant, Cush Jumbo, Anna Madeley, Matthew McNulty, Maureen Beattie
Creator: Daisy Coulam
Available on Acorn

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