‘Emily In Paris’ Blasted by French Critics

Pretty Dark City of Lights on Netflix’s New Series Emily in Paris, with Parisians supporting the romantic comedy starring Lily Collins as an American girl who overcomes all French stereotypes in her pursuit of becoming a social media professional.

Created by Darren Star (Sex and the city, Beverly Hills 90210) and produced by MTV Studios, Emily in Paris premieres on Netflix worldwide on October 2nd and became a hot topic on social media on both sides of the Atlantic with domestic viewers both loving and hating watching a show outfitted with opulent clothing, gorgeous venues, and beautiful stars. very attractive star.

The show follows 20-year-old Emily, the junior marketing executive of an American company that acquires a French boutique company operating in the luxury world. When Emily’s boss (played by Kate Walsh) is unable to move to Paris, the company decides to go against the logic, and the character’s lack of language skills, and instead sends young Emily to school colleagues. Her seasoned Frenchman is the way of Instagram.

The Hollywood ReporterThe review of the so-called Emily in Paris “Impressively watchable, a prison break full of plots, costumes and understandable characters,” but the reviewer took issue with protagonist Emily. “Lucky, cheerful and arrogant, Emily arrived in Paris determined to ‘give an American perspective’ to the French brand, never taking her pride in cultural ignorance as real. It’s a weakness, not a strength.”

For many French critics and viewers, the “proud cultural ignorance” was a bit excessive, and the show was criticized, ridiculed, and dismissed for continuing to stereotype people. France, glorifying an unrealistic theme park version of Paris and an absurd plot.

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In his review for ReleaseCharles Martin writes, “[In Emily in Paris] we know that the French are ‘all bad’ (yes, yes), that they are lazy and never get to the office before the end of the morning, that they like to flirt and don’t really stick to the concept about loyalty, that they are sexist and backward, and of course, that they have a questionable relationship with showering. Yes, not a single cliché is spared, not even the weakest.”

On the entertainment site Criticism of SensOne reviewer wrote that Emily in Paris show the same small, unrealistic image of Paris in the movie Amélie and that you “have to be really into science fiction to watch this series, knowing that Parisians are mostly friendly, speak impeccable English, make love for hours and go to work is still an option.” choose. The writers might have hesitated for two or three minutes to stick a bagel under each Frenchman, or even a beret to distinguish them, otherwise, they all smoke and flirt to death. “.

RTL’s comment was similarly refuted: “Rarely have we seen so many clichés about the French capital since the Paris episode about the French capital. Gossip Girl or the end of The Devil wears Prada.“Cultural magazine Les Inrocks described Paris on the show as the unrealistic city of “Moulin Rouge, Coco Chanel, baguettes and vegetable soup. “

On the popular TV and movie user review site AlloCiné, Emily in Paris earned an average rating of 2.9/5, but the negative reviews were harsh. “Shameful series, completely wrong image of Paris. Ridiculous, lousy act. As if Paris was all about fashion, romance and croissants. No,” wrote one reviewer. Another wrote, “A series would be great if it didn’t caricature the French. In this series, the French are portrayed as arrogant, dirty, lazy, mean, harsh… but fortunately, this young American comes to explain to us how it works. of life. It’s deplorable, I wonder why the French actors agreed to star in this series”.

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All is not negative, however, as one reviewer on AlloCiné writes, “A lot of French people were outraged by the clichés introduced in this series, while we were the first to have the words. cliché about others. Relax, it’s a series and nothing is so bad! I find it fun and soothing.”

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