Enola Holmes’ Louis Partridge Is Sid Vicious in Danny Boyle’s Pistol

Louis Partridge, who earned his first break playing an English aristocrat in 2020, said: “I was nervous about getting the part of this soft-haired young prince. Enola Holmes (and its upcoming sequel). But with the return of the late main rocker Sid Vicious in FX’s Sex Pistols series Pistol“I don’t think that’s a concern anymore.”

To land his role on the Danny Boyle-directed show, the 18-year-old London-born put himself on the ice as a punk rock icon, with his mother playing Vicious’ famous girlfriend Nancy Spungen (whom Vicious is accused of murder) in the video he jokes “will never see the light of day again. Cut to two meetings and a later call with Boyle (who is also executive producing), and Partridge is on his way to a two-month band camp where he and his co-stars will learn how to make music. body into the Sex Pistols. There, he learned to play bass, mastered Vicious’s cockney voice, and adjusted to wearing dentures, all while conveying the chaos the band was famous for.

“I wasn’t afraid of damaging the props or anything because I knew Sid wouldn’t,” Partridge said, noting that there was a lot of spare equipment on set. “To get that freedom is pretty rare.” And for that accent, as a classy Englishman ‘could only be more classy’, he worked with a vocal coach to completely change the way he speaks and uses it.” as a way to enter the actual character, which I’ve never really had to do before”.

The cast also received direct education from encounters with band members Steve Jones, Glen Matlock, and Paul Cook, which the actor said provided valuable tangible details in all of the mythology surrounding the Sex Pistols.

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“Everybody has a story about them or everyone has heard something, so there are a lot of rumors,” Partridge said. “To hear that from the people who were there, it was a blessing because you get real, unfiltered insight. They really know Sid – as opposed to [him] is this punk icon, he’s their mate. ”

Not all musicians are as enthusiastic, though: Frontman Johnny Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) called the show “the worst disrespect I’ve ever endured” and threatened sue manufacturers.

“You want to be fully supported by everyone in an ideal world, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I just hope he sees the real effort and care that has been put into it,” said Partridge upon seeing Lyon’s reaction, adding, “I really want to do justice to them. “

The project is a far cry from the first time the band was shown on television and in film, including Gary Oldman’s take on the role of Sid Vicious in 1986. Sid and Nancy. Jokingly, “I don’t want to compare myself to Gary Oldman; I will never win that battle,” said Partridge Pistol took a different approach, telling the story from the band’s perspective and meeting Vicious before he was even a member of the band. “He is not a nihilistic character; he’s a bit violent, but he’s not the star. Please follow the process of creating Sid through the episodes. “

And after knowing so little about the Sex Pistols and the ’70s music era and British culture that they had formed – “I realized there was more to it than bumping guitars, loud and violent music. There’s a real feeling, and there’s a movement behind it” – Partridge says he became very protective of the band and rocker he played, exploring the “baby innocence and innocence” of a man known for his violence, drug use and mysterious death at the age of 21.

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With previous roles in Paddington 2 and Netflix series MediciPartridge was recently cast in Apple’s psychological thriller series Disclaimeralong with Cate Blanchett and Kevin Kline, although he admits, “If I could do things like Pistol All my life, I think I’ll make it. ” And, to his aforementioned mother’s anxiety, some aspects of his performance were unshakable: “My mother kept saying I was going to speak and I was going to suddenly switch accents. of Sid, which she was a bit worried about.”

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Louis Partridge, who stars in the upcoming FX series about the rise of the Sex Pistols, said: “Honestly I just want to do them justice.
Courtesy of Miya Mizuno / FX

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