Every Magical Creature Shown in the Movies

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the Harry Potter movies and books.]

Grab your wand and practice Guardian – Miracle Witch The world is returning to the big screen.

With the release Harry Potter spinoff Amazing Beasts and Where to Find Them November 18 is fast approaching, it’s time to pull Hermione and do some research on the beasts and creatures we’ve encountered so far in Harry Potter books. HP daredevils (and wannabes), enjoy this big dose of nostalgia like The Hollywood Reporter look back at the mystical creatures that have overcome all that came before Harry Potter film.

Disclaimer: There are several creatures on this list that have controversial magical powers. We have considered these members of HP animal kingdom “Wild Cards.” Meanwhile, deadly plants are confidently included in this list; if it can kill you, it’s fair to call it a “creature”, so trolls stay in the dungeon.

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