“F*** the Supreme Court”

Maya Hawke couldn’t hold back her visit Tonight’s show as she discussed her family history with abortion following the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Strange things the star, whose parents are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, joined host Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s late-night show Tuesday and mentioned that she’s been talking to her mom to prepare for this. Tonight’s program appearance. Hawke explained that she and Thurman ended up discussing Washington Post op-ed that Thurman wrote in September 2021 about abortion Pulp Fiction The actress described having had in her late teens.

Hawke, 23, recalls: “We were just talking about the Supreme Court ruling and this essay my mother wrote a few months ago when they introduced further restrictions on access to abortion. . “My mother wrote this beautiful piece about abortion at a very young age, and how without it she wouldn’t be who she is, and I wouldn’t exist. now, and both my parents’ lives would be completely derailed if she didn’t have access to safe and legal health care – basic health care. “

Hawke continued, “Of course, the wealthy will always be able to have abortions, but a lot of people, because of this week’s ruling, will not only be unable to pursue their dreams, but will also lose their lives and be unsafe. And I just wanted to say it, like, damn the Supreme Court. “

After the crowd cheered the message, which stood out so distinctly when it aired on TV, Fallon told her several times with a smile, “You can totally say that.”

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Hawke replied, “May I say, ‘Fuck the Supreme Court’? Oh, damn the Supreme Court. Yeah, rock on. As Fallon laughed, Hawke continued, “But we’ll keep fighting, and we’ll win, just like our grandmothers did.”

This prompted Fallon to say to her, “I appreciate you saying that.” He added, “Thank you for that message.”

In her essay, Thurman publicly shared for the first time that she had an abortion at “late age” in Germany after she was fed by an older man while living abroad for her acting job. export. “I had an abortion as a teenager which was the hardest decision of my life, a decision that hurt me then and saddens me to this day, but it was the path to life. filled with the joy and love I experienced,” the Oscar-nominated actress wrote at the time.

Hawke’s comments followed Janelle Monáe raising her middle finger and saying, “Fuck, Supreme Court,” during the BET Awards that aired live on Sunday.

Later in the interview with Fallon, Hawke briefly talked about the upcoming Netflix Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, drop Friday. The actress, who plays Robin in the popular series, said she hasn’t seen the episodes and stated that she has a hard time remembering exactly what will happen: “I’m so excited because I’m so eager to see them all. How does it all end?

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