‘Fatale’ Review

There should be a limit to the amount of episodes a film can hold an audience in. Sure, it’s okay for monstrously clever puzzlers like Sleuth and Deathtrap to keep us guessing from one moment to the next. But factory suspension like Fatale – the film carries ’80s noir and horror content so much influence on its sleeves that you can feel the seams frayed – really need to keep them to a minimum, otherwise they will lose all credibility. Such is the case for this effort directed by Deon Taylor and starring Hilary Swank as the iconic lead actress.

Michael Ealy, an actor who seems to specialize in suffering on screen (he suffered the same thing last year) Intruder, also directed by Taylor), plays Derrick, a sports agent whose immediate business success is signaled by his tailored suits, beautiful office, and lavish Hollywood Hills home with swimming pool. inevitable infinity swim. Indeed, real estate porn is shown so densely that you immediately know something bad is about to happen, because in these movies, anyone who lives well deserves trouble.

Key point

Not so deadly attractive.

RELEASE DATE December 18, 2020

On a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party with his business partner Rafe (Mike Colter, whose charisma is formidable but sadly underused here), Derrick was married a one-night stand with Val (Swank), whom he met in a bar. . She’s the type of charmer who thinks locking his cell phone in the safe in her hotel room while he’s sleeping and refuses to return it the next morning unless he’s back in bed. is appropriate.

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After returning home, Derrick is brutally attacked late one night by a masked home invader. When the police arrive to investigate, the detective in charge is none other than Val himself, who is visibly displeased when he discovers that Derrick is not the unmarried man he pretends to be. As we soon learn, she has her own problems, mostly being involved in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband (Danny Pino), an up-and-coming politician. It was clear that Val was not willing to let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas.

Screenwriter David Loughery, who has recently specialized in the horror genre with films like Lakeview Terrace and Obsessed with, keeping the bombastic plot revelations coming fast and furious from there. When we get to the scene where Derrick enlists his old cousin (Tyrin Turner) to help him and Val reveal her evil plot to win her daughter back, viewers’ heads won’t have to swim much. like drowning.

Fatale proved to be very watchable, in an incredible B-movie fashion, and Taylor is a filmmaker skillful enough to keep things moving fast and interesting. The movie certainly looks great, thanks to Dante Spinotti’s slick cinematography and high-end production design and price tag. And Swank transitions into her villain role with gusto, clearly enjoying the opportunity to play a scheming fat girl who drives the likes of Bogart and Mitchum crazy. But her best efforts have been undercut by the ongoing formulaic nature of the proceedings, which even shamefully include Deadly attraction– The style of returning from the dead seems. The only thing missing was a boiled rabbit.

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Available in cinemas
Production company: Hidden Empire Film Group
Distributor: Lionsgate
Actors: Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy, Mike Colter, Danny Pino, Tyrin Turner, Sam Daly, David Hoflin, Damaris Lewis
Directed by: Deon Taylor
Screenwriter: David Loughery
Producers: Roxanne Avent Taylor, Deon Taylor, Hilary Swank
Executive Producers: Robert F. Smith, Marc A. Hammer, David Loughery, Philip Schneider
Director of Photography: Dante Spinotti
Production Design: Charlie Campbell
Editors: Eric L. Beason, Peck Prior
Composer: Geoff Zanelli
Costume designer: Solomon Fobb
Actor: Kim Taylor-Coleman

R-rated, 102 minutes.

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