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Eighteen months ago, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Zootopia, which hits theaters on Friday, is a film with a very different look. The world of pic looked “ugly” until the filmmakers decided to make a big change, replacing one of the protagonist’s points of view with another.

Zootopia set in an imaginative world, full of anthropomorphized animals living in districts, such as Tundra Town (find some Easter Eggs from frozen), Sahara Square (inspired by a research trip to Africa) and Little Rodents (a community that is controlled so that its small inhabitants are not entered). The film revolves around a surprising friendship that develops between two natural enemies: Nick Wilde, a slick fox (voiced by Jason Bateman), and Lieutenant Judy Hops, a rabbit who wants to be a cop (cage). voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin).

Initially, the focus of the film was on Nick’s story. But according to the Disney animators who directed it – Rich Moore, an Oscar nominee for Muscled man, and Byron Howard, an Academy Award nominee for Flash – As the work on the film developed, that became an issue. So, just a year and a half ago, they decided to tell the story through the eyes of Goodwin’s Hops.

“Nick has always been a swindler, and Judy is an upbeat, pure-hearted character,” Howard said, describing the Frank-like rabbit. Capra’s protagonists “who believe in their truth to the core, but are surrounded by characters who are super skeptical and push those beliefs.” The question is, will the ideal of that character even exist?

“We liked that about those movies and we took an element of that and put that into Judy’s very smart, modern character,” he continued. “Aside from this confirmed skepticism, Jason Bateman’s character is great chemistry for a buddy movie.”

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While the story overhaul is dramatic, it’s not unusual for a Disney or Pixar film, as filmmakers at the two studios, overseen by creative director John Lasseterare encouraged to rethink and revise their stories in scene and the editing process before producing the actual animation.

Academy Award-winning Pixar Producers Contradictory, for example, described how they made a big change in their movie when they realized that its story needed to be about Sadness emotion/character.

In case Zootopia, The directors said they had in-house screenings and were ready to go into production when they had their eureka moment, prompting them to abandon Nick’s point of view.

“We recognized through Nick’s eyes, the city of Zootopia Moore explained. “We had a world that we wanted the audience to embrace, but a main character didn’t like it and felt oppressed by it. If he ‘enters’ this world, will we confuse the audience? That’s not really the story we wanted to tell. “

The story falls into place as they shift focus to Hops. The film according to her experience when she arrived Zootopia with the feeling of coming to a big city for the first time. “It was almost through the eyes of a naif at first,” Moore said. “And such [as reality sets in] you question if you have made a big mistake [in making such as move to a city]. It’s about making the best use of our world and characters. “

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