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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade hit theaters on May 24, 1989, eight years after Harrison Ford’s heroic archeologist made his first appearance in Steven Spielberg’s film. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Spielberg, who co-created Jones with longtime friend George Lucas, envisioned a third season of Indiana Jones series as a return to form after the second film, 1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, drew a mixed response from fans and critics. “I wasn’t satisfied with the second film,” Spielberg told Sun-Sentinel back in 1989. “It’s so dark, so underground, and so horrible. I think it’s become out of place Poltergeist. “

Significantly lighter and with a funnier tone than its predecessor, The Last Crusade was a huge box office and critical success. The film grossed $474 million, almost 10 times its budget, surpassing Batman became the highest-grossing film worldwide of 1989.

Set in 1938, The Last Crusade follows Indy as he sets out to find his missing father (Sean Connery) and restore the legendary Holy Grail before the Nazis can get their hands on it. During his quest, Jones becomes entangled in a mysterious brotherhood, escapes from a burning castle, and falls in love with a beautiful girl (Alison Doody).

honored Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade of 30th Anniversary, The Hollywood Reporter Let’s see what the movie’s stars have done since its release.

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