Hollywood’s 20 Best Red Carpet Fashion Designers of 2017

At a time when the news is fake and Instagram and Snapchat Filtered feeds, fashion and Hollywood aficionados are rewarding what they see as authentic choices. From Evan Rachel Wood wearing only trousers on the awards season red carpet (resulting in skyrocketing sales for Altuzarra) to the acclaimed sportsman Emma Watson Elie Saab eco gown made of high fashion scraps of her time Beauty and the Beast visit the press, “real” is in. Pin political statements, from the ACLU ribbon to GLAAD lapel and lapel symbols, have proven to be just as effective in rocking social media frenzy as a gorgeous gown. “Especially right now, a lot of what you see are made-up moments,” says Joseph Altuzarraone of CHEAPTop 20 red carpet designers. “Everyone can smell the contract transaction behind some pieces. They can tell when something is a true human expression. “

On social media, brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior have “the thing in common is that you feel there with someone, and the walls have come down,” said Eva Chen, head of fashion partnerships. of Instagram, said. Case in point: Reese Witherspoon eats pizza with her kids, hashtagged #ShowFuel Awardbefore advertising Big Little Lies this Emmy season.

Of course, for the 20 brands worth millions of billions of dollars over CHEAP‘S For the fourth annual list, glamor still reigns on fashion’s most effective platform, the red carpet – note Nicole Kidman’s scarlet Calvin Klein dress with a vibrant crystal tie at Emmys. “People want a bit of what these women have to offer, so yes, 100 per cent is good for the business,” says jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer. her first appearance on CHEAP‘S list. All of the designers performing the cut, listed here in alphabetical order, were selected based on the popularity of red carpet hits during the Oscars and Emmy seasons, and the size of the stars. stars they attract and a strong social media presence. The fantasy and escapism they create on the most anticipated rugs is perhaps more welcome than ever in Hollywood and beyond.

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