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Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell tells the true story of the famous Atlanta security guard who became the prime suspect in the 1996 Olympics bombing before finally being cleared by law enforcement.

When Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser) discovers a backpack containing a pipe bomb, he heroically rings the alarm and clears the area. The bomb then exploded, killing one person and injuring dozens more. He was initially hailed as a hero, but the FBI later identified him as one of many suspects, prompting the public to vilify Jewell, who was eventually cleared by law enforcement.

The movie is based on the 1997s Vanity Fair The article chronicles the events of the bombing and the desecration of the Jews.

Richard Jewell caused controversy because of its description of Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Kathy Scruggs (Olivia Wilde), who is the first journalist to say that Jewell is a suspect. In the film, Wilde’s Scruggs proposes prostitution for a suspect to an FBI agent.

Kevin Riley, the paper’s current editor-in-chief, said there is no evidence this transaction ever took place. “There’s never been any evidence that this is how Kathy got the story,” he said Beallich.Com. “This comes from blue.”

The Atlanta newspaper officially complained about Wilde’s portrayal of Scruggs in a story published on December 9.

“The AJCA person who writes letters on behalf of Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Cox Enterprises. “Such a description makes it seem like AJC sexually exploits its employees and/or they facilitate or condone sexual gratification with resources in exchange for stories. That is completely untrue and malicious, it is extremely defamatory and damaging. “

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“I have great respect for Kathy Scruggs,” said Wilde CHEAP to protect her portrait. “She was no longer with us, she died very young, and I feel a certain responsibility to protect my legacy – which now, I think unfairly, has boiled over a element of her personality, an inferred moment in the film.”

Wilde later tweeted that her comments “were lost in translation” and added, “I don’t believe that gender positivity and professionalism are mutually exclusive. Kathy Scruggs is a sub. modern, independent woman and her personal life should not detract from her achievements.”

Warner Bros. responded to the backlash by saying, “Unfortunately and the ultimate irony is Atlanta Journal-Constitutionis part of a rush to judge Richard Jewell, currently trying to appreciate our filmmakers and cast. “

In its opening weekend, the film made about $4.7 million in a near-worst film of Eastwood’s career. The only film by a great director with a lower gross is Bronco Billy ($3.7 million) almost 40 years ago.

Jon Hamm and Ian Gomez star in the film as FBI agents investigating Jewell, although their characters are not based on real people.

Read on to see how Hauser, Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Kathy Bates prepared for their real-life roles.

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