How Hurricane Henri Disrupted the Scene Inside VIP Tent

As legendary crooner Barry Manilow sang his classic song “Can’t Smile Without You” on Saturday’s “We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert,” officials interrupted the performance. performed with an urgent message to the 60,000 attendees watching from the lawn of Central Park: Go home.

“Due to the approaching bad weather, all event participants are advised to calmly move to the nearest exits and proceed to the areas outside the park,” is the message when dangerous weather hits. Manhattan due to Hurricane Henri. Hundreds of people rushed to the exits while hundreds more scrambled for cover inside the VIP tent, located behind the stage.

Guests who purchased VIP tickets in platinum or gold (ranging from $3,450 to $4,950) are allowed access to the custom structure, where they can order drinks from an open bar and sample high-quality appetizers. level, among other amenities. But what could have been a comfortable seating space to wait out the storm turned into a scene of chaos if not embarrassment for revelers and staff, according to a well-placed employee on site. .

“A tent like this can hold 1,500 VIPs, and basically what happens at an event like this is you never have that number in the tent all at once,” the staff explains. “Between rounds you can overflow, and it’s pretty consistent on Saturday. But when they made the announcement to evacuate and seek shelter, the public dispersed. The sky opened up for the craziest storm I’ve ever seen. At that point, all the VIPs run into the tent, and you don’t want that to happen. Tents are not made for all ticket holders at the same time. “

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“It’s really gross, sticky, hot and uncomfortable,” the source relayed the condition with multiple bodies hovering close to each other. However, people kept it for a few hours after a special announcement from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Thank you everyone for embodying the incredible spirit of New York City,” said de Blasio, dressed in a see-through raincoat as he spoke to VIPs with a microphone. “You showed how much we love this place.” He went on to suggest that even though the conditions outside were intense, the night wasn’t over as the organizers were in talks with the artists to see if the performances could go on in some form. are not.

Manilow, Jennifer Hudson, Journey, LL Cool J and Carlos Santana took to the stage earlier in the day, with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, The Killers and Elvis Costello, among others, waiting at the venue. chicken wing. The event, produced by legendary mogul Clive Davis and broadcast live on CNN, is part of a week-long program designed to boost New York’s recovery efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic- 19 is going on.

While everyone waited, staff said there was chaos behind the scenes due to orders, presumably from their superiors, to close food and beverage service, “which was a stupid idea because now you have so many people in this tight space it’s not comfortable, and now are you not going to feed them or let them order drinks?” The source said they watched as the servers and staff bartenders began tearing down the bar and continued with closing duties while guests waited for an official word from de Blasio or the concert organizers.

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But that didn’t last. Staff were then instructed to light a fire in the kitchen and reopen the bar, causing outrage. “The mayor said, ‘We need food and we need to open these bars – it’s for New York City, it’s for New York City,’” the source heard. “Meanwhile, he was standing in a puddle in the kitchen and it was clear that the performance was not going to take place. The staff has been released. “

Because of the conditions outside, the last call was made to unplug and get everyone home. “When the sky looked clear, we had another storm. So we keep trying, a lot of artists have stuck with us, but at this point we’re running out of time with the artists, I’m sorry to say,” de Blasio said. , according to a video posted on Twitter and YouTube. “I was hoping they could come here, but they couldn’t. We had a wonderful two and a half hours, but we are no more. I am really sorry. But I want to thank you all because I hope you had a good time together. Thank you for trusting our city. And now, everyone, we have to get everyone home because the rain keeps coming. “

It did. Employees said that as people began to rush out of their homes, workers on the construction site continued to close the doors and at one point were submerged in water due to a downpour. “The tent was flooded. There came a point when we found out that the police had asked us to evacuate so they could make sure the tent wouldn’t collapse on us,” the source said. “I was crazy that this happened in the first place. It was extremely dangerous, and we were working inside a metal tent. We are expected to continue because the mayor said, ‘This is for the city.’ All other events are cancelled.

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“It seems like nothing can stop this concert from happening,” the source concluded. “We all knew a hurricane was coming – it seemed crazy from an event perspective. I’ve worked on thousands of events and this is one of the craziest I’ve ever seen. Is crazy “.

Meanwhile, in a private backstage area, The Killers didn’t leave the night without a show. They performed “Mr. Brightside,” “Read My Mind,” and “Human,” part of which were broadcast live by host Gayle King to CNN’s Anderson Cooper while he was live.

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