How the ‘Knives Out’ Costume Designer Chose Chris Evans’ Perfect Sweater

Earlier this month, a Twitter chat about the movie whodunnit Pull out the knife spread on the internet. It’s not about the killer’s identity, but about a more innocuous detail: a particularly cozy white knit sweater that Chris Evans wears onscreen.

“The only thing I will talk about Pull out the knife That is, upon seeing Chris Evans in a sweater, the girl next to me gasped and said very softly and softly, “Sweater.” tweeted Film reporter Anna Menta.

“I’m not sure if it’s the sweater or who’s wearing the sweater,” jokes Pull out the knife Costume designer Jenny Eagan arrives The Hollywood Reporter. “That could be part of it, too. He looks pretty amazing.”

She and Evans chose the Aran cable knit sweater during testing so rushed that she didn’t know the brand, it just fit perfectly with his character Ransom, the author’s spoiled grandson. famous book Harlan (Christopher Plummer), to convey privilege and wealth while the audience tries to determine how Harlan died. Participation The Avengers Stars in the cast are Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Lakeith Stanfield and Katherine Langford, who play detectives and family members trying to solve a mystery. hidden in a mansion in Boston.

Eagan wears sweaters for the characters to set the tone: it’s winter for this extended family, and the panties provide a comfortable feel in contrast to the suspenseful plot. “The sweaters give a cozy feeling. You can’t spot anything,” says costume designer, who previously worked on Relict, Maniac and Catch-22.

For Ransom in particular, director Rian Johnson wanted him to be “this eccentric bad boy,” says Eagan. “He grew up privileged and used his money to buy luxury cars and luxury clothes, but you can tell he doesn’t necessarily appreciate those things.” She likes white not only because “it was a pretty color to his eyes”, but also because “rich people can always wear white – nothing gets dirty.”

Eagan decided to add some holes and tears to Evans’ sweater (he wears a light blue one in the following scene) to show Ransom’s nonchalant attitude. “He just doesn’t care…. I imagine it lying on the couch in his bedroom and he just keeps tossing it day in and day out,” she said. “But giving it little holes or holes here and there, meant he didn’t care about it… the holes and the cloth showed him that disrespect. It is disrespect to the family, disrespect to the name, and filial piety.”

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In the process of creating the tears, Eagan would put the sweater on and imagine where she would pull it if it was too tight. She envisions the character carelessly throwing it in the washer and dryer, shrinking and then stretching it out again. She uses tools like Dremel or sandpaper to create the tears: “I’m not scared. I just go for it. Sometimes it feels natural, like neck. You always know if it’s made of knitting or not, if you break a thread it will come loose. “

As spectacular as the sweater, other elements of Evans’ wardrobe convey Ransom’s overall arrogance: “There’s a bit of that attitude. He’s better than everyone. He spends all his money, but he doesn’t have to fit the mold and is a classic East Coast prep boy. That’s a bit of an advantage. Take, for example, his classic dark Ray-Ban sunglasses worn in the Boston cold. “They only pretend to read to a certain extent, but not excessively. He is making a statement; he is always trying to make a statement. He gets his attention whether it’s a car, an expensive coat, expensive sunglasses,” says Eagan.

And his fluffy cashmere scarf was barely included in the movie, as it was just a last-minute addition.

“I remember the camera test, I said, ‘Oh, what about a scarf?’ And Rian said, ‘Oh, I don’t think so.’ I ordered a wool for him. It’s not colorful. It’s not decorated like that,” she says, explaining that she finds scarves in the colors of fall to be more expensive. “I found this and on that day I said, ‘What about a scarf?’ We were on shooting day, so he said, “Let’s try it.” And it just comes out and I think the question is more of ‘Should we do that? Shouldn’t we do that? Is it too much? ‘ And then he just wore it. It doesn’t wear him. It was put together and it felt right in the moment. “It’s from Drake’s Fall 2018 collection (buy this year’s version for $225).

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Looking back, she loves the choice: “The scarf punched it up and questioned, ‘Who is this guy?’ That weirdo ‘I’m cooler than everyone else.’

Eagan bought most of the costume selections at various places, from Barneys to stores in Los Angeles, Boston and New York, before working with the actors in the fitting room to select the outfits. final. “That’s where [what] We call magic happens,” says Eagan. “You’re like, ‘Wow this is perfect.’ And that’s sort of the whole fit of Chris. Everything went on and it was like, ‘Wow, that’s fast. Great.’ Because he only wears clothes that fit very well. Also, it depends on their attitude. If they really care about it and they think about it a lot, it will be very quick for them because they get it. They attract it”.

She says that’s especially the case with Evans’ tanned cashmere coat from New York-based brand Theory. “He put it on and it was like, ‘Wow,’ she said. “He was like, ‘This is so comfortable.’… It’s like a second skin to him.” They have lots of coats (because two dogs jumped on it and dirty it on the screen. ), so Evans may have brought one home as a souvenir, Eagan said: “I think he took one, if I had to guess. must ask those powers.’ But I think he took one of them.”

Her work on Pull out the knife be completed quickly; she estimates that she saw each castrated about a week before filming, “so it was pretty quick and furious.” The cast’s care for their characters helped make the decision quick: “You get into the rhythm.” Lee Curtis’ fit is like “boom, boom, boom,” says Eagan. “She was very excited. I remember her telling me a lot that she always wears black and never wears other colors, but she definitely found this character to be colorful and has a particular friend of hers… . She sent me pictures and she said, ‘This is just character.’ It’s really specific and it really makes it interesting. ”

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Actors Shannon, de Armas and Jaeden Martell also sported sweaters on screen, while Eagan and Johnson set Collette, who plays hippie Joni, with a natural and natural look (usually by Australian label Zimmermann). ) to convey her cold personality. All of Craig’s outfits are custom-made.

Eagan’s goal was still to establish defining characters for each actor, but not to make them stand out enough to eliminate the perpetrator. “Subconsciously, I can think anytime I’m trying to find something, ‘How far can I push it without making them stand out? She speaks. “You have to keep them all warm and related to a certain extent. Otherwise it’ll just be ice cold and you won’t like them and you’ll immediately think it’s one. ”

Pull out the knife in theaters on Wednesday.

MRC is the studio behind Pull out the knifeand shares its parent company, Valence Media, with The Hollywood Reporter.

December 4, 8:05 a.m.: Updated with scarf designer name.

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