How the Show’s Theme Song and Score Was Created

The collaboration between Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe on the theme song and scoring for Ted Lasso begins when star Jason Sudeikis leaves Mumford with “the longest voice note in the world” – something Sudeikis seems to be famous for doing. He asked his good friend (and Mumford & Sons lead vocalist) if he’d like to team up with composer Howe to create the music for the heartfelt Apple TV+ football comedy. “Thankfully, Tom has become one of my adult friends who can actually read music,” says Mumford. “He’s a real musician.” Mumford and Howe talked to CHEAP about how they come up with it lariatUnique sound of.

What was your original intention with the music for the show?

MARCUS MUMFORD We felt the theme song had to be somewhere right in the middle of the Atlantic, between the UK and the US, so we heard a lot of the Beatles and Gerry and Pacemakers, and then Creedence Clearwater Revival, for reference, in saying it would feel somewhere between London and Kansas, where Ted is from.

What has become the biggest challenge?

TOM HOWE I think the action tool is very complicated. There is a danger with sports that something can sound very quickly if you go the wrong way. It’s hard, to strike the right balance between keeping it authentic but giving it the kind of energy you’d expect from an actual sport.

What did you learn doing this?

MUMFORD It made me realize the importance of tone. When you take the lyrics, which I haven’t done much in my career, you have to convey more than just a tune.

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HOWEVER This is like setting a record, which I haven’t done in a long time. When you record, you don’t just think about the melody and melody, but about the overall tone and sound. So the first thing I did after we finished the first season was I bought a stereo mic for my Felt piano. I had to get used to playing MIDI because it’s quick and easy, but the real one sounds so much better. Marcus’ sense of real sound and the warmth it can bring to something is very important and I learned something from doing this.

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