How Zack Snyder Gives Superman His Due

[This story contains spoilers for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.]

When Superman died at the end of 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceit’s an event that redefines the world in which the movies take place – that is to say, by the time he returns Alliance justice, it was an even bigger moment. Like Justice League by Zack Snyder extending that moment to meet the director’s original vision, it’s worth wondering what the new version of the film means for the whole Superman story.

When Superman died in 1992, in the final installment of “Apocalypse!”, it was a big deal; Superman Issue 75 was the best-selling comic of the year, selling more than six million copies, many of which were deluxe editions packaged in plastic bags and accompanied by a special poster and a commemorative armband featuring a special edition. The “elegant” version of the Superman Logo “S” is made from dripping blood. It was the 90s; everything was different after that.

That’s also just the beginning of the story – “Doomsday!” is the opening in a trilogy that continues with “Funeral for a Friend” and ends in the epic, six-month story “Reign of the Supermen,” in which Superman returns from the dead… at last… . It doesn’t happen right away, that’s part of the problem; “Reign” played with expectations before finally fulfilling them, challenging fans to find their own interpretation of Superman along the way through four impersonators for the title.

While Alliance justice a far cry from the adaptation of “Reign of the Supermen” in either of its versions – sadly, audiences will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for a chance to see Eradicator or Cyborg Superman on Screen – The Snyder Cut has some interesting echoes of the comic book hero’s resurrection that speak to the uncanny honesty that Zack Snyder’s DC projects have to their original material.

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For example, Alliance justice makes a point of making sure Superman returns… Mistake. This plays out differently from the comic book plot, but feels a lot like as if it combines two different elements of the origin – that the cinematic Superman is an immediate more menace than expected as he re-emerges. Born probably caught something of the bait and switched at the heart of “Reign,” where the most likely candidate of the four imposter for the Super Throne turns out to be the villain. When he do actually returned from the dead, Superman is weaker than ever, and far from what Man of Steel fans expected.

Snyder Cut’s Superman at least looks like he did in the comics, in terms of costumes if nothing else – no Super-mullet for us – again, feels like a perfect fit for those What audiences expect from Snyder’s DC movies. They fix specific surface details and play with thematic elements of the material they draw, but in other respects completely stray from (and, at times, the complete opposite) of the comics. on which they are based; think about Man of SteelThe father’s focus is central, parallel to the influence on the character from the later DC CCO Geoff Johns, but also the climactic murder of Zod, which feels so at odds with most interpretations of Superman that Many fans are still upset about it eight years later.

Even breaks with tradition prove to be important in the larger scheme of things; Even the nasty fans matter, because the conversations better define the shape of Superman mythology outside of strictly historical as presented in typical comic books at this point. Is Superman a killer? (Of course not, but perhaps there’s a story why Zod’s murder isn’t included – that’s also a comic book take on the scene for a while.)

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Certainly, however, Snyder’s version of the truth is more appropriate than what happened in the theatrical footage, where Superman’s resurrection is essentially reduced to Macguffin, which feels as if it were a level. video games need to be unlocked before they can be played; Superman flies to another part of the movie after that scene, allowing the main story to continue without him and leaving the viewer wondering what the goal is for the next half hour or so.

By creating a story of death and resurrection in Batman v Superman and his version of Alliance justice, Snyder is said to have solidified the 1990s comic plot as an integral part of Superman mythology, ensuring that the character would die at the hands of a wordless monster known as the Apocalypse and become a again a changed man – and one more appreciated by the whole world for that material thing – as part of the story of Superman being rocketed from the planet Krypton as a child, or wearing big red cape and come from Kansas.

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