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Woody Allen said he’s no longer interested in making movies in the age of streaming.

“I would probably make one more movie, but most of the thrill is gone because it doesn’t deliver the full cinematic effect. When I start, you’re going to make a movie and it’s going to cinemas around the country and people are going to come,” the filmmaker told Alec Baldwin during an Instagram Live appearance on Tuesday to introduce his latest collection of funny stories, No gravitation.

“Now you make a movie and you have a few weeks in the cinema, maybe six weeks or four weeks, and then it’s going to be streamed or pay-per-view. People like to sit at home and watch on their big screen, … and they have good sound and clear picture. It’s not like when I started the movie business. And so it’s not interesting to me,” Allen added.

His last film, Rifkin’s Festival, The film follows a writer and film teacher accompanying his writer wife to a film festival in Spain, which stars Wallace Shawn, Gina Gershon, Louis Garrel and Elena Anaya and has just had a screening commercial practice.

“I don’t get the pleasure of making a movie and putting it in a movie theater. It was a great feeling to know that 500 people watched it at the same time. … I don’t know how I feel when I make a movie. I’m going to make another movie, and I’ll see how it feels,” Allen said as he questioned continuing to make films after his next project.

Allen told Baldwin he’ll be making another untitled film in Paris in the fall, without giving details. The director of 49 films during his long career has also come into the limelight in Hollywood in recent years as allegations that he sexually abused his 7-year-old daughter Dylan Farrow have resurfaced.

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Amazon Studios notably canceled its $68 million deal to make four movies, and Allen’s recent films are struggling to win distribution rights.

More recently, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering’s four-part HBO docuseries Allen and Farrow, featured Farrow detailing the incest allegations she leveled with Allen.

Although Farrow went public with her allegations against Allen in 2013 and 2014, it wasn’t until the #MeToo movement took place that the director faced backlash.

During Instagram Live, Allen and Baldwin clarified Farrow’s claims.

Allen said he doesn’t watch television online, instead focusing on live sports like New York Knicks basketball games and the news. “I don’t have time” to watch online video platforms, he told Baldwin.

Baldwin’s controversial interview about Allen comes as the actor has legal issues stemming from the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Westerns. Rust in October 2021. In that incident, Hutchins was fatally shot and director Joel Souza was injured when the live spin was released from a prop gun held by Baldwin.

Baldwin faces a number of lawsuits stemming from the Rust film incident, remains the subject of an investigation by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. Released by Allen No gravitation marks his first book since his controversial memoir Apropos of Nothing was published two years ago.

Allen also recounted how his wife of 25 years did not want to dedicate a book full of syrup in No gravitation. Instead, Soon-Yi Previn seems to want a Friar’s Roast style tribute.

“I spontaneously wrote an emotional dedication. She saw it and said, you wouldn’t do that clinical stuff, that crap. Gave me something nasty,” Allen recalls.

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