Inside Antique Store Waverly, Founded by Lily Collins’ Mom Jill Tavelman Collins

Inside the West Hollywood antique shop Waverly on Doheny Street, near the Troubadour Theatre, Jill Tavelman Collins was stationed under a framed image of Peanuts comic book character Lucy van Pelt in her 5-cent psychotherapy booth .

The mother of actress Lily Collins (with ex-husband, singer Phil Collins) resembles her 30-year-old daughter, and a sense of humor is evident in the decor. On Tavelman Collins’ table is a funny porcelain baby doll that an artist friend from England has made into a jewelry box. “It’s a store mascot; it’s like looking through things,” she said with a laugh.

On a nearby wall were three candid pictures of the mother and daughter, with the couple smiling. Young Collins has had a burgeoning career with several major milestones this year, starring as Fantine in the BBC miniseries adaptation of Victor Hugo. Miserablesas Ted Bundy’s girlfriend in Joe Berlinger’s Extremely evil, extremely evil and vile and as JRR Tolkien’s love interest, Edith Bratt, in Dome Karukoski’s Tolkien.

Notice how she’s been collecting things (and picking up things her parents threw in the trash) since she was a child, says Tavelman Collins The Hollywood Reporter: “I just don’t understand the concept of throwing things away. I always give people gifts that are really sentimental or appropriate for them. And suddenly, I found myself with a lot of free time, because my daughter was grown up and on her way. I have been doing various charity work for 20 years. … And I thought, ‘It’s time to do something for me, which I’m good at.’

The antique store, founded in 2014, is filled with items that the teacher-turned-store owner has named on her Instagram page the “revival quirky items” ordinary people have may not buy at a real estate sale or flea market. Among them are books on good conduct from the 1800s with handwritten notes by former owners and an old stereo glass that can turn photos of an elaborate rococo dinner room into three. afternoon.

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A real estate sale emphasizing a general disregard for sentimental value continues to plague connoisseurs: “People tend to take silver and crockery, things that are obviously worthwhile, yes are not? So these people are sitting on the floor of the house [going through the owners’] love letters to each other, and they were cutting the stamps from the envelopes and throwing the letters away. They don’t care about love letters, and I think that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen because nobody wants them, and it’s the stamp’s value to them that matters. I said, “Can I have the letters?”

Besides selling discarded heirlooms, Tavelman Collins secretly planted them in her daughter’s apartment: “I started sneaking in to see if she noticed. She would go out of town and I would say, “Do you see anything different?”

The cheeky mom has also found personalized gifts for directors, producers and costume designers on her daughter’s films that are “appropriate for the period of the film” and of course , for that person. She teamed up a Hollywood producer with a vintage camera that had footage of Amelia Earhart captured on it by one of the pioneering airline passengers.

“Most people love a story in an item,” she said. “It has to follow someone’s heartbeat. In this day and age, people don’t listen to each other anymore. So listen to your friend or partner, if they mention a book they had as a child that their parents may have thrown away or given away. Or something they wish they had. It could be something small. But when you find that thing and give it to them, they think, ‘Oh my God, did you really listen to me? You hear what I’m saying? ‘”

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Tavelman Collins has long worn vintage clothes and tended to look to her mother’s old dresses in the ’80s while touring the world with her ex-husband. She said that her mother was once a dance partner with Don Loper, an actor, dancer and costume designer and interior decorator, and created the famous Martinique banana leaf wallpaper for the Beverly Hills Hotel. “I remember people asking, ‘What are you wearing?’ And if you say ‘classic’, they will turn away. That’s not a problem,” she said, specifically referring to the singer’s home country of England. “I was a little ahead of things.”

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