Jack Nicholson Wanted His Joker in Batman to Scare Kids

Jack Nicholson knew right away how he would play the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman; that would be the only way for the movie to be taken seriously.

The multiple-time Oscar-winning actor, who turned 85 on Friday, explained in an earlier TV series that the classic DC comic book villain can’t be a cartoon incarnation. show off. If it’s him, the painting will be removed before it exits the portal.

“I’m scared because of how I feel about TV series and the way movies tend to be made and talked about. I don’t want this to be normal, “Let’s lighten it up for the kids,” Nicholson previously said. “I think it’s a very strong transitional film – in every way – in terms of the genre, and really why they wanted me in it.”

In the same feature, Batman producer Peter Guber notes that Nicholson’s involvement has legitimized the picture in the industry.

“It changed the very nature of the ‘comics’ framework into a movie – from a movie to a movie starring Jack Nicholson,” says Guber. and the media finds it there because it’s tempting for Jack to want to do it.”

Compared to Marlon Brando lending his acting prowess in the 1978s Superman of Guber, Nicholson said that he takes the role of Joker more seriously than anyone else involved in the project. And he knows kids will react to a darker version of the character.

“My early experience working for an all-child audience: the more you scare them, the more you scare them. they like it,” Nicholson said devilishly. “The worse you are, the better, because that was my reaction to the Joker. This is an obnoxious appearance, man, if you take it literally. Every kid loves this guy, I believe.”

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