Janine’s Fate Revealed

[This story contains spoilers to The Handmaid’s Tale‘s eighth episode in season four, “Testimony.”]

Early in season 4, Madeline Brewer’s Janine went missing. After two episodes without any hint of her fate, The story of the maid revealed whether the fan-favorite Handmaid survived the Chicago bombings.

The answer, however, is complicated.

Midway through the eighth episode – titled “Testimony” and revolving around June (Elisabeth Moss) makes a victim impact statement at a hearing to determine if her abuser, Gilead Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes), will stand trial for his crimes or not – Another former June commander, Joseph Lawrence (Bradley Whitford), informs Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) that Janine, who is now a fugitive, was recaptured in Chicago and returned to Gilead.

Praise! Janine is alive. But the collective sigh of relief over her fate is quickly disrupted by the reality she is facing.

Caught in Gilead’s clutches, Janine is desperate to see her affectionate Aunt Lydia again. “I know what happens here,” she said. “And I know it will continue to happen until I die. Please don’t make me a Handmaid anymore. Just don’t take me back to service. I would rather die here.”

When unpacking those words into The Hollywood Reporter, Brewer admits that the current situation is dire. The actress, who already knew her four characters would be filmed, said she couldn’t imagine the screenwriters killing her in an open-ended fashion. Onlookers eventually saw Janine, who disappeared from June’s view after the pair attempted to outrun the overhead explosions on the city streets.

“All I know is, if they take me out, they’ll bring me a good sum of money,” Brewer said with a laugh. “I knew they wouldn’t just say, ‘Okay, she’s gone.’ I feel like Janine has value to the plot, especially now that she’s one of the only OG Maids left in Gilead. And… Bruce wouldn’t do that to me! “

Indeed, host Bruce Miller said in particular CHEAP, “The reason Janine disappeared as dead is because she disappeared in June. Maddie knows her fate. We talk to everyone before, just when I think about making such a big decision. I had conversations with the actors during the process. We are in the fourth season; these are very good actors and mature people who bring a lot to the characters. They are my resources. So Maddie totally knows what I’m thinking. ” Then he added, “We’re good at Seinfeld the way it all comes together – just in a sad, troubling, and scary way as opposed to a fun, funny, quirky way. “

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Janine (Madeline Brewer) after taking off her red cape in an episode about freedom.

Looking back on her season 4 journey before her arrest, Brewer notes that Janine found purpose while on the road with June as the two Maid turned the rebels running and fighting for their freedom.

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“June has kept everyone alive. But, those Handmaids are also keeping June alive,” Brewer said of all the red robed warriors who helped June along the way, several of whom met their deaths during the session. release part four. “If we just let June go with her on every whim, with every plot of her revenge, she would have died two seasons ago. She’ll be done by the end of season three if we don’t come help her [and saved her in the woods in the finale]. “

She continued, “Because it’s June’s story, we’re watching June. And in June’s view, she’s keeping these women alive. But Alma and Briana and Janine kept June alive; they gave her the purpose of keeping surname alive. This season, I’ve been dealing a lot with purpose. Because sometimes Janine feels purposeless towards me; What role does she play in this? And part of her purpose is to keep June alive. Make sure June doesn’t kill herself or get us all killed.”

When Janine found out that she not only helped keep June alive, but that their leader made it to Canada safely, the news sparked a brief moment of joy for Janine as viewers met her again in this episode. “I knew she would,” Janine told Aunt Lydia triumphantly, acknowledging her role in the winning outcome.

In Canada, however, June remains unaware of Janine’s fate. “There’s been a big theme this season, which is survivor guilt,” Brewer said. “If June thought Janine was dead, she would definitely feel some survivor’s remorse. Janine [in the fourth episode, “Milk”] tells June point to be blank, ‘You know that’s why they died. That’s on you. It’s your fault, our friends are dead. ‘”

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June (Elisabeth Moss, right) confronts the Waterfords (Yvonne Strahovski, left, and Joseph Fiennes) in court in “Testimony,” directed by Moss.
Sophie Giraud / Hulu

Since leaving Chicago with Moira (Samira Wiley), June has worked to reintegrate back into society while reuniting with her husband, Luke (OT Fagbenle), young daughter, Nichole, and Gilead survivors. Emily (Alexis Bledel) and Rita (Amanda Brugel). After regaining some of her self-determination last week in a confrontation with her abuser Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski), another foray comes in this episode with the women in the group of survivors. her remnants. June encourages women to harness their anger as they enjoy the tragic fate of an abusive aunt who committed suicide after visiting their circle (“Why don’t we? can be as angry as we feel?” June asked the women). Her court testimony also gave her the basis to confront her other abuser, Commander Waterford, and speak on behalf of all the women she’d lost along the way.

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“Mine is just a voice,” June said as she asked the court to put Fred on trial with the maximum possible sentence. “Countless others will remain unheard, imprisoned by men like Fred Waterford. The women, my friends, who lost their lives could never hear. It’s for women [that] I demand justice”.

Miller says that this point in the season will bring a twist to the Handmaid starring him. “She decided from the start that she would lead these women and in the end, she had none of them; she killed them all, so she thought,” he said of June. “What she was left with was, ‘I went out and they all didn’t come in.’ June is seeing the consequences of what she did and dealing with it, and she is also facing her rage and sense of justice. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of your sense of fairness. And, for June, it’s hard to ignore it. In a world without overwhelming amounts of justice in general, it was a very difficult place to live in. “

Still ahead in the last two episodes, The story of the maid will reveal whether Fred will have to stand trial, how June will move on from the injury she suffered, and what it takes for Janine to return to Gilead. And, as bleak things can be, Brewer – perhaps, mining Janine – still offers a glimmer of hope.

“When we saw Janine in episode eight, Janine was just too perfect. She’s seen it all, she’s done it all. She has lost so many people,” she said. “When you return to the service, becoming a Handmaid, you have no purpose. Your purpose is only to serve others; you have no purpose in your heart. You only exist until you are useless to them, and then you disappear. So Janine needed to find her purpose. And, I think she can. “

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The story of the maid currently streaming the first eight episodes of season four on Hulu and will continue to release weekly episodes on Wednesdays.

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