Jared Leto Fumed Over New ‘Joker’ Movie

How unhappy was Jared Leto Joker? When Todd Phillips’ shadow takes on the villain, sources say, it looks set to gross more than $700 million worldwide. The Hollywood Reporter that Leto’s disappointment when Warner Bros. started the Phillips project so early that he tried to beat rival Joker in its cradle.

According to sources close to Leto’s conduct, when the Oscar-winning actor learned of the Phillips project, he not only complained harshly to his agents at the CAA, who also represent Phillips, but also asked his music manager, Irving Azoff, to call the head of Warners’ Parent Company (it’s not clear if it was Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes or AT&T’s Randall Stephenson, depending on the timing). The idea was for Warners to kill the Phillips movie.

A source in Leto’s camp denied the actor made the request, and Azoff declined to comment. Azoff and Leto have since parted ways.

CHEAP It was previously reported that the 47-year-old star who played the grinning crime lord in 2016 Suicide Squad, Warners thinks Warners has torn him apart with promises of his own Joker movie, only to greenlight the Phillips version with Joaquin Phoenix. Ironically, Warners thought the Phillips project would be a small movie and, worried about its gloomy tones, reluctantly gave the picture the green light, given the small budget that some at the studio hoped for. would discourage Phillips from doing it.

Warners declined to comment.

Leto put a lot of effort into Suicide Squad version of the DC villain, with rotting teeth, bloodshot eyes, and neon green hair combed back. He spent months getting into the character and spooking his co-stars with “gifts” like a live mouse for actress Harley Quinn Margot Robbie, bullets for Deadshot actor Will Smith, and a baby mouse. dead pig for the entire cast in rehearsal.

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A source with knowledge of the situation said it turned out the studio wasn’t thrilled with the efforts. And it seems the director wasn’t pleased with the outcome: In the final installment of David Ayer’s anti-hero fusion, Leto’s Joker only ran for about 10 minutes. While promoting the project, Leto – who was once advertised as the main character – talked to the media about how much of his Joker footage was cut.

“In his defense, it was never really his movie, but his attempt to ‘make’ a place for himself in it backfired,” a source linked to the film said. regarding this situation.

Leto’s rep said the actor is still happily working with Warner Bros. and note that he is currently filming John Lee Hancock’s The little thingsco-starred with Rami Malek and Denzel Washington, for the studio.

Meanwhile, Leto’s displeasure over the Phillips project seems to have helped put an end to the already strained relationship between Leto and the CAA. Sources say that the actor feels his agents should have told him about the Phillips project sooner and fight harder for his version of Joker. Sources say Leto told his agents they should stop the rival project, arguing that he was not being treated properly as an Oscar winner (because Dallas Buyers Club). But one person with first-hand knowledge of the situation suggested that at the time, Leto had passed four different teams of agents at the CAA and had no love for the actor there.

Leto left the CAA for rival WME in the summer. A source in Leto’s camp said the rock actor had sought to switch and denied that competing Joker films influenced his decision.

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At this point, sources say Leto’s days as the Joker may be over. He won’t reprise the role for the upcoming Warners DC movies Birds of prey (a spin-off focusing on Robbie’s Harley Quinn) or in James Gunn Suicide Squadslated to launch in 2021. One person involved in the situation said: “How do you play the Joker that you have set up hereafter. [Phoenix]? It was like the end of his Joker run. ”

A version of this story first appeared in the October 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

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