Joe Montana Says Cool Under Pressure Doc Will Shock Fans

Joe Montana found working on the upcoming Peacock sports documentaries about his iconic NFL life and career – difficult indeed, to his surprise.

Six parts Joe Montana: Cooling under pressure, which debuted on the streaming service on Thursday, chronicles Montana’s career from high school to Notre-Dame Cathedral, where he won the national championship, to the NFL, where he won four Super Bowl match with the 49ers. The series features interviews with Montana celebrities, former teammates, coaches and mentors. Participants include Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, George Seifert, Ed Debartolo, Peyton Manning, Magic Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. NFL Films is producing the series for Peacock.

Cool under pressure There are many stories about the star quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers (then Kansas City Chiefs) that most people don’t know. Pro Football Hall of Famer, 65, who notes that he can only watch the series once to make a final OK, said The Hollywood Annunciator Some viewers may even be “shocked” by what they will learn.

What do you hope the fans will eventually realize from Cool under pressure series?

I think the biggest thing about leaving here is that if you want something bad, you never give up. If you want something bad enough, you can’t give it up. You never stop believing in yourself and always be prepared. I learned the best preparation when going to the 49ers with [late head coach] Bill Walsh.

And then you go to San Francisco – you’ve won four Super Bowls, two in a row and are going to finish third in a row – I’m injured and next thing you know, I’m not going to get a chance to play. [there] again, and I was traded to Kansas City. And what I’ve been through – I think people will be shocked by some of what happened.

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It sounds pretty tough looking back on those, legendary glory days.

It’s difficult. This is probably the hardest thing because I don’t live in my past. So going back and looking back at this is hard. I don’t watch the episodes over and over. I had to watch them once to say, “Yes, they look great” and move forward. Otherwise, it’s hard to revisit, go through it again and live again will leave you with the same temperament in mind.

How does it feel to be one of the first NFL stars to make it through the game? More than just trading cards and magazine covers, your face also appears on action figures in the Starting Lineup, video game, dummy pillow handle, and then you even do SNL.

It’s fun to a certain extent. (Laugh.) But then I occasionally get an ole ruler in the hand of Bill Walsh, reminding me that if you want to keep doing those things, you better be ready for the season. Sometimes he would pull me in, shake me, and kick me out the door. It is a distraction sometimes, but some of it is a lot of fun; pretend I sang on Huey Lewis [and the News] album, in progress Saturday night live with Walter Payton, met my wife through an advertisement. You cannot get any better than that.

The day before, Cooper Kupp, the Los Angeles Rams’ star wide receiver said, “Basically, records broken with the new season’s expansion should have an asterisk. Think?

Not exactly because I think, if you look back before I joined the NFL, I think they played fewer games, maybe 14 or 12. It’s what it is these days. Everyone throws further because they are protecting the midfielder [better]. The game is different and it’s always evolving. I always go back to Otto Graham. He won 10 or 11 championships before the Super Bowls. So it will always be different. What do I understand? [Kupp] talking, but it’s still a record. It’s not important.

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And finally, because this is CHEAPI have to ask a question about the movie that I always wondered: Do you know the logo of Al Pacino Scar face character named after you, screenwriter Oliver Stone a big fan?

I heard about it a while ago. It’s an honor when someone thinks they named a character after you – even though he’s pretty crazy. (Laughter.) He’s still the star of it. So I appreciate it.

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