Joel Kinnaman Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Bella Davis

Suicide Squad Star Joel Kinnaman announced he had filed for a temporary restraining order against a model, accusing her of threatening his family and trying to blackmail him.

According to the documentation provided to The Hollywood Reporter by Kinnaman’s attorneys, the actor was granted personal conduct and a restraining order against Bella Davis, who goes by the name Gabriella Magnusson. The injunction was filed Friday, August 6 in the Superior Court of California County in Los Angeles.

In a statement posted on Kinnaman’s Instagram account on Friday, the same day Suicide Squad was released, he said he filed an order that morning “against a woman who threatened physically harming me, my family and loved ones.” Kinnaman also wrote that Davis was “trying to get money and other things of value from me.”

“While talking about all of this is painful and scary, it feels worse than having to endure the growing threats of physical harm to me and my loved ones. my love and threats to put in the press with fabricated, vile rumors unless I agree to a list of needs that includes money, Hollywood connections, help securing work visas, Instagram page Verified, Wikipedia page, Sports Illustrated photo shoot, $400,000 extra for an apartment and more,” he wrote.

After posting Kinnaman’s statement, Davis accessed her own Instagram account and began sharing communications that she alleged took place between her and the actor’s agent. In several posts, she accused Kinnaman of rape, writing that she had been offered a non-disclosure agreement and that her attorneys had contacted Kinnaman about one. In a recent post, Davis accused Kinnaman of lying about the order, claiming there wasn’t.

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In Kinnaman’s lengthy statement on Instagram, he describes his relationship with Davis, who has appeared on Project runway, in short, starting in 2018. He said they engaged in “consensual sex” twice that year when he was single. Kinnaman said Davis wanted to continue the relationship, but because he was in a relationship at the time, he did not reciprocate her.

He later said that communications from Davis became increasingly “haunting” and eventually “more villainous, threatening, and terrifying” and that he moved to cut all communications. He said he posted his statement after Davis threatened to “publicize false information about me – including that I had sex with her against her will – except when I surrendered to her request.”

Kinnaman denied the rape allegation, saying: “I want to be clear so there is no misunderstanding: I stand with all victims of sexual assault. That’s not what happened here. This is consensual sex. And now it is an attempt to blackmail.”

In a statement posted on her Instagram story, Davis refuted Kinnaman’s claim that she threatened his family and said why she was not in the media. “[You] don’t know anything about [you] say is correct. I haven’t even spoken to your family yet,” she wrote before saying she had received death threats. Davis also denied attempts to blackmail the actor and said she didn’t press the situation “because I’m ashamed you made me hate myself.”

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to a Davis representative for comment.

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