Jonathan Bailey on Less Sex and Payoff in Season 2 Finale

The feud between Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) has been a topic of conversation since Netflix released the second season of the series. Bridgerton.

As the season begins, Anthony is looking for a wife – not true love – and Kate is looking for the perfect husband for her sister, Edwina (Charithra Chandran). Anthony and Kate go wrong when she overhears him telling his friends that he’s not looking for a couple, just one person would make a good, kind wife. Kate wants more of her sister, and what happens over the course of the eight-episode season is that Kate makes it her goal to keep Anthony away from Edwina.

Along the way, Kate and Anthony have always cared for each other, constantly arguing and joking, but they also have a strange and surprising attraction to each other that eventually leads to their marriage. That conflict, host Chris Van Dusen previously said The Hollywood Reporteris the center of the show’s second love story.

For Bailey, the most compelling element of the story comes from his character’s starring role in the series (the second is based on Julia Quinn’s second novel, Viscount fell in love with me) knew it would explore Anthony’s trauma and what role that trauma played in the person he is today, why he didn’t find love and the habit of self-destruction – a habit acquaintances he and Kate share.

“Both of them really denied their hopes and beliefs about a love that was nurturing and nurturing, exciting and thrilling, for love seemed to be for everyone else around,” Bailey said. around them. CHEAP. “I think the fact that they sabotage themselves – and to be able to chart a path over the kinds of barriers they put themselves in, whether it’s trauma or responsibility – just to to really unpack that and to allow the audience to watch and really go with it, I think that’s a huge achievement. [this season]. “

In the chat below with CHEAPthe actor also opened up about his hopes for Anthony and Kate’s future, like Bridgerton Netflix has extended it for two more seasons and why this season doesn’t focus as much on sex as season one.

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Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton.
Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

Your expectations are happening part two, with the launch popularity of Bridgerton to be? How was that pressure and now that you’ve seen its success, how do you feel about it?

Oh, my God – what a thrill. It’s a personal thing, even if it’s such a composite performance, everyone cares a lot about everything. From character development to coming back and working with the crew; it’s a big family. I know it, in the hands of [showrunner] Chris Van Dusen, and I know from the original source material from reading Anthony’s book, that [the season’s tone] always completely changeable, because there is so much about Anthony unresolved and unresolved in his actions.

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Psychologically, I knew we were going to deal with his trauma, and I really looked forward to it; knowing that’s going to be what we’re going to dive into and introduce Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, it will naturally always show how, in the true romance genre, people come together in ways completely different. I think it will be a season dominated by mentality, which will always be fascinating. So it’s good to rely on that.

But then everything else, you just put the flash on and you just work and think about the ways that you can really believe in what your character is doing and have total confidence in Shonda Rhimes and Netflix to do the rest. Much of the show is in the editing process as well as on the set, the design and the choreography and all that. We are very well supported. But now, yes, [I feel] immensely relieved. You just want people to care about your character as much as you do, just like Simone and I care about Kate and Anthony. To get the feeling that people are really understanding them – because they are confused at certain points – is interesting, because it validates your understanding of people, in a way. .

In discovering that pain for Anthony, (he watched his father die, saw how devastated his mother was, and swore never to love someone that way, so as not to break the way that what she would do if he lost his love. life), what layers added to Anthony and Kate’s love story, and made it all the more unexpected in the end?

With Anthony and Kate, it’s about achieving a positive feeling. I think both of them have really denied themselves their hopes and beliefs about a love that is nurtured and nurtured, exciting and thrilling, because love seems to be for others around them and those around them. what they are looking for their brothers and sisters. That they sabotage themselves in order to be able to chart a journey over the barriers they put in place – whether it’s due to trauma or responsibility – just to really unpack it and allow the audience to follow it and really go with it, I think it’s a big achievement. That’s in writing, but also when you’re working with someone and you click, and you can feel that you’re on the same page and active with the same frequency. And that’s what it feels like. That’s something we’re setting out to accomplish for sure: their complexity comes together and what that means.

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Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma with Bailey’s Anthony in the season two finale.
Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

Do you feel pressured to stick to the Duke and Daphne’s steamy romance, especially, since this season has fewer intimate scenes?

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Yes, it’s interesting. I remember only one registration. I remember talking to Chris Van Dusen pretty early on and saying, “When are they going to get together?” And I think that’s what’s always in the scriptwriter’s room. But that means it makes sense. We’ve got all the episodes for season one, so Phoebe [Dynevor] and Regé[-Jean Page] would have known exactly what to expect, but we’re planning the journey because we’re given two scripts at a time for each block [in season two]. So it was a surprise for us, but it means, I think, something is also achieved.

And what does it mean? Bridgerton are starting to do, not just one or two seasons. It’s going to be an open world, and the subtle way that all siblings are part of this population, and how they’ve come to the top at different times, is amazing. So it is important that we stay away from it. I think it’s a really positive thing to show that Bridgerton based not only on physical sexual behavior, but perhaps in this way, more psychologically, and it will continue to change in the future. You know, [Kate and Anthony] are now married, so we’ll see what happens in season three. We may not wear clothes at all seasons!

Simone confirmed with CHEAP that Kate will return next season. What do you see for the future of Anthony and Kate?

What I do hope is that they continue the fun found at the end of episode 8. I think the last shot of the two of them is one of my favorites in the series, purely on a want-to-see basis. Anthony is really happy, and I think he’s really at that point. But there will be complications. They are not simple people. I knew they were going to be working as a unit, and I knew he was going to be completely devoted to her, so I was excited to see that and explore. In the book and source material, there is so much about her past and his past, so perhaps it is possible to see conversations where they acknowledge it further; and they have a really rich connection, just exploring a bit more would be great. The fruits of slow burning I think will continue in the years to come.

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Kate and Anthony Bridgerton
Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

There has been a lot of talk online about the program. Did you read any comments or tweets? And, if so, do you have any questions about how people reacted to this season?

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I’m trying desperately not to do that at the moment. What did I read? Oh, I read the comments about sniffing. (Laughter.) You tell the story in such a way that you fully understand it, and you believe it should be, and you find the truth in it. And then, of course, you think about what you sound like or what you’re actually doing, and so I quite like the idea that someone is really just thinking about me sniffing her and not like how. Sometimes you don’t think about it literally, so it’s really cool. You just hope that people are sniffing each other a little bit more. I represent all the sniffers out there. (Laughter.)

This season is all about longing. Audiences continued to wait until near the end of the season to see Anthony and Kate finally have a happy ending. Do you wish they had more time this season as a couple?

I think it just shows the faith they have in the fact that we have more time. I think we have more time with them. He is a viscount. She will be the viscountess, and just like Phoebe hasn’t gone missing, they will be there to support the siblings in any way, and that will involve exploring their spousal relationship. surname. But really, the payoff is these two, we know because of the genre of romance and rivalries-turned-lovers, that they’ll end up together. It’s just the kind of lavish enjoyment of how and when it’s going to happen, and the hope of carrying with it a kind of gravity underpinned by pain and longing. I think it’s great that we’re finally there and we can look forward to the people they’re going to be, as well as the people they’re the last of. But the happiness and joy in that last sequence is what it is all about.

The edited interview is long and clear.

Second season of Bridgerton currently streaming on Netflix.

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