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In the 1990s, when Soleil Moon Frye was transgender in the public eye from Punky Brewster The prodigy became a guest star on popular shows like Saved by Bell and Magic years To aid the player in dramatic dramas and horror movies, she began recording her life on video cameras to regain control. Caught in their teens, at outings and house parties, are some of the biggest teen stars of the era: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez, Corey Feldman, Sara Gilbert, Jonathan Brandis, Brian Austin Green, Joey Lawrence, Emmanuel Lewis and, for some reason (albeit very briefly), Mickey Rourke, who will turn 40 in 1992. There are traces of future stars, such as Mark Wahlberg, Robin Thicke and lead singer of Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath. And then Frye put these tapes away for two decades, along with the voicemails and diary entries she’d saved from that point on.

Frye’s reappearance with this material is raison d’être for the new Hulu documentary 90 . kid, an invitation for nostalgia and reconsideration that ultimately fails to deliver. Although more than two dozen actors and musicians with minor roles appear in the 72-minute film, 90 . kid is an autobiographical project claiming the forest for the tree. Building on mourning for all the friends in the business who died prematurely and the resulting Frye survivor’s guilt, the document is conspicuously angry about the systemic factors that may have contributed to their deaths, such as financial and family pressures, addictions, sexual trauma and other factors that struggle with mental health.

Initial, 90 . kidFrye’s focus is an asset, her lessonPunky years that are both typical and somewhat unusual for a child star. The actress-director recalls her struggle to be taken seriously as a young teen in Hollywood, especially after a medical condition left her with abnormally large breasts at a fairly early age (and nicknamed it). “Punky Boobster”). Frye went public with her breast reduction at the age of 15, acting as an eloquent narrator of her experiences for magazine profiles and daytime talk shows. But that’s when her personal story as a teen actress doesn’t get any more interesting, and she doesn’t supplement her story with anyone else’s.

The 90s saw the growing professionalization of child stars, especially with the spread of cable television expanding both the number of roles to young actors and children’s shows. and teenagers. Rather than provide an overview of the phenomenon, Frye bases her views strictly on her social circles, which seem relatively adept. But it’s hard to fathom how these friendships were formed and how strong they are, as it’s likely that young performers often compete for the same roles at auditions. voice after audition.

Nor are there many details about the struggles of actors who don’t enjoy the security and stability of a family like Frye’s, which also benefit from generations of familiarity with the industry. Frye later regrets that she didn’t see what she now interprets as her friends’ cries for help. But the more interesting question is whether her inability or refusal to see the darkness around her ultimately helped Frye survive all these years.

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90 . kidThe story of the child star cast of the Clinton years is further skewed by the unexplained inequality of both Frye’s camera audience and the interviewees speak to, including Gosselaar, Green, Stephen Dorff, David Arquette and Balthazar Getty. (The only woman among them is Heather McComb.) The absence of female members of this group may explain why there are so few #MeToo-style revelations of sexual impropriety. , though Frye shared her experiences of sexual harassment and lust on set.

It’s certainly novel to see younger versions of so many familiar faces, but 90 . kid doesn’t offer anything but what a deep dive into YouTube can offer, even if you haven’t seen these videos before. The footage is cut into clips several seconds long, providing an explosion of youthful vibrancy but little sense of what these actors “really” are like. For the celebrity with whom Frye had sex for the first time, the film is also largely devoid of trivia and even colorful anecdotes.

By the time Frye left Los Angeles for New York for college – and then visited his friend Danny Boy O’Connor of the Oklahoma rap group House of Pain to remember their teenage years – any story imposed in this shot feel stretched to the limit. Frye’s desire to learn what she can from her unusual childhood in the limelight is unquestionably sincere, but the recollections and contemplations she is willing to impart are probably of about a diary rather than a documentary.

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