Lesley-Ann Brandt Shares Her Abortion Story and Criticizes Texas Law

Lesley-Ann Brandt opens up about her own abortion in a new essay that also speaks out against anti-abortion laws, such as the recently passed Texas law.

Write to Self magazine, Lucifer details the star was seven months pregnant while filming the second season of the recently concluded Netflix show. Despite her ordeal with everything from breastfeeding to bodily injuries to paid maternity leave, Brandt says she “wouldn’t change a thing” about having her son, Kingston, because she is ready and in a position, financially and otherwise, “in that sacred role of mother”.

That’s when the actress revealed that “it’s not always the case”, explaining that her first pregnancy happened two years into her relationship with her husband (and subsequent boyfriend). On the day she found out she was pregnant, Brandt said a “strange headache” and fatigue caused her to stop at CVS on her way to starting a cameo on the show. Assassin women. After picking up Advil and taking a pregnancy test, she went to the set, checked and confirmed that she was pregnant.

“I took a breath and called Chris [Payne Gilbert]. I could hear the panic in his voice, but I quickly allayed his fear. I called a private abortion clinic and made an appointment,” she recalls. “I know we’re not ready and I know I’m not.”

“At 32, having an abortion gives me choice, autonomy over my body and opportunity in my career,” she added.

The actress defends one’s right to have an abortion, admitting that individuals have the procedure for various reasons and that she is simply bound to not being ready for a family. “That’s it, and that’s good enough,” she explained. “I didn’t want to be a mother at that point in my life, so I made the best decision for me and my relationship.”

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But Brandt also admits that she can afford the abortion and “has the means to start my family without missing a beat of my career” – which she says .human evils are not a luxury, “with many people being forced into a situation they are unwilling and unwilling to be.”

After opening up about why she chose to have an abortion, Brandt went on to challenge “anti-abortion laws,” including high-profile laws in Texas, leading to Wire Creator David Simon confirmed that he will not be filming an upcoming HBO project in the state. Actress Uma Thurman also spoke publicly about her abortion experience for the first time in response to the passage of the law, writing on a Washington Post responded that, “This law is another tool of discrimination against economically disadvantaged people and often against their counterparts.”

Brandt opposes the law similarly, the actress noting in her essay that banning abortion through legislation “won’t stop abortion” but can and will make life more difficult for “those who are was vulnerable”.

“It prevents safe abortion because, rest assured, the wealthy will still have access to abortion services. It is the poor who suffer. She wrote before specifically targeting the Texas bill. “At the same time that the Texas anti-abortion bill was passed, legislators in that state made it easier to buy guns and harder to vote.”

“In a country like the United States, with poor health care, no federal maternity leave, and women still fighting for equal pay and child support. full, how can anyone question a woman’s right to choose what’s best for her and her life?” she concluded.

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