L’Oreal Fetes 40th Anniversary of ‘Because You’re Worth It’ in Paris

Jane Fonda show off her best French accent to celebrate the 40th anniversary of L’Oreal Paris’ legendary catchphrase “Because I’m Worth It” in Paris on Monday night. Fonda . Fellow Brand Ambassadors Aimée Mullins, Ines de la Fressange, Fan Bingbing and Freida Pinto joined top L’Oreal executives to toast their timeless catchphrase at a luxurious gala dinner at the Hotel d’Evreux in Place Vendome.

“If you really think about it, there are very few great slogans and ‘Because I’m Worthy’ is one of them,” says Fonda.

The tagline “Because I’m Worth It” dates back to 1971 when L’Oreal needed to convince consumers to spend more on their products than their then-competitor Clairol. Today, the slogan has been translated into 40 languages ​​and still represents the brand’s image worldwide.

Women’s empowerment was on the menu as the ceremony kicked off with evening host Fonda and her fellow beauty ambassadors completing a montage of the brand’s history then continuing with a cocktail.

“In 1971, it was revolutionary. Women aren’t used to feeling like we’re worth it. Even though I was successful and famous, I didn’t feel like I deserved it,” Fonda said, adding: “We were all changed because we were able to say those words thanks to L’Oreal. “

Since it was created, the tagline has changed from “Because you are worthy” to the current slogan “Because we are worthy”.
“For me personally, it’s a statement of absolute confidence and self-empowerment,” says Freido Pinto of the tagline. Actress who is currently participating Jean-Jacques Annaud‘S Black gold will hit theaters in France next week.

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Chinese actress Fan Bingbing said: “For me, it’s also a language of love.”

Global Brand President L’Oreal Paris Cyril Chapuy the evening continued as he left the stage to meet the leading women of L’Oreal, who spoke about what the slogan meant to them and their vision of beauty.
“It is a very personal thing to say that you are worthy,” explains Aimée Mullins, adding: “We have the ability to create and reinvent who we are every day.”

For French beauty icon Ines de la Fressange, “Beauty is the outward expression of what goes on inside,” she said, adding: “Beauty is not just what we wear on the outside, but how we feel inside.”

The theme of the night about women’s empowerment extended to several montages featuring old L’Oréal commercials and interviews with the brand’s first beauty supermodel, the woman who booked coined this phrase and several L’Oreal spokespeople in the past.
L’Oreal continues to be popular in the global film industry with not only a strong media presence at the Festival de Cannes, but also through its 25 distinguished spokespersons. Current faces of the brand include musicians Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and singer Gwen Stefaniactresses Eva Longoria, Milla Jovovich, Andie MacDowell, Laetitia Casta and Rachel Weisz plus beauty icons Claudia Schiffer and Ines de la Fressange.

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