Love and Thunder’ Stars on Surpassing ‘Ragnarok’

Love (and Lightning) was definitely on air on Thursday night, as the cast and creators behind season four of God of thunder franchise gathers for movie premieres. Hundreds of cosplay-clad fans lined Hollywood Boulevard, ready to greet the stars and watch the long-awaited sequel to Taika Waititi’s hit. Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Love and Thunder Follows the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) through the next chapter of his life – his journey to find himself. When his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) returns to the picture – this time, as the mighty Thor – alongside a threat from a god-killing villain, the God Butcher (Christian Bale) ), Thor embarks on another adventure to save him. Everyone.

From the usual suspects of Hemsworth, Waititi and Tessa Thompson to new additions and MCU returners like Bale, Portman, Russell Crowe and Chris Pratt, Love and Thunder boasts a stacked lineup of A listeners. And comes from the success of RagnarokCreative teams feel pressure to deliver something bigger and better this time around.

Ragnarok executive producer Brian Chapek said. “So how can we evolve? How can we continue to do something different? And I think we made it.”

Waititi, who is again directing as well as co-writing and starring, agrees. “I personally said, ‘Oh, how do we get to the top?’ You know, is it possible to top that? We did,” he said The Hollywood Reporter on the carpet. “This movie is bigger and deals with bigger themes, the theme of people, that is emotions. I couldn’t be happier.”

Surprise fans, Portman returns after a hiatus from the series since her last appearance as Jane Foster in the 2013 film sequel. Thor: Dark World. Now, Foster is not only an astrophysicist, but also fulfills his comic book destiny by transforming into Mighty Thor.

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Co-writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson talks about bringing Portman back. “I know that’s what Taika and Kevin [Feige] and Brad [Winderbaum] and the whole team really wanted to. To be able to be a part of the movie that brings the mighty Thor to the screen… I can’t even tell you how special it is. It makes me want to cry.”

When he returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Portman immersed himself in Waititi’s fresh interpretation of Thor. “He was so wild and always had such great ideas,” said Portman while working with the director. “I mean, it’s amazing how he can create so much light continuously. It was truly incredible and really a great opportunity to just witness.”

Bale, who made his Marvel movie debut, continued to praise Waititi. “Working with Taika was amazing,” said the Academy Award winner. “With great sincerity, it was a very moving film, but as one would expect, [it’s] bloody humour, from Taika. And another cast. It was a real pleasure.” During his transformation to become the menacing Gorr Butcher, Bale recounted sitting in the makeup chair every morning for nearly four hours.

Love and Thunder marks Hemsworth’s eighth Marvel movie, but it looks like the actor still has plenty of Thor stories to tell. “I’ve been doing it for 10, 11 years,” Hemsworth said. “And every time I think, yeah, I’ll do it again, if there’s something new to tell and something new and unique that we haven’t done before.”

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“Thanks to everyone at Marvel, but Taika Waititi, in this case, has created a whole new journey,” he continued. “I think that’s the thing about it, is to keep it fresh and spontaneous and unpredictable for the fans. It was a collaboration with so many great writers, producers, and directors that I was able to work on getting into the character. This is an honor.”

Producer Brad Winderbaum added, “I think Thor is a character that can tell a lot of stories because Chris is such an empathetic human actor that you really feel for him no matter what he’s going through. in any predicament. You can follow him on so many different journeys. “

Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters on July 8.

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