‘Making the Cut’ Winner Andrea Pitter Opens Pantora Store in L.A.

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Los Angeles shoppers aren’t over yet Cuts are enjoying themselves when they visit the new boutique of Pantora designer Andrea Pitter.

The winner of the second season of the Amazon Studios original series – co-led by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn – has launched her first brick-and-mortar store at Row DTLA, the creative retail hub that is also home. by season one winner Jonny Cota. The 600-square-foot store offers Pantora’s full line of ready-to-wear products ($52 to $395), including convertible jackets with oversized hoods, maxi skirts, faux coats and houndstooth suit attached in the show.

Reminiscent of a chic version of the New York subway, the store is decked out with gold fixtures, glossy monochrome tiled floors, sleek black seating, and faux windows and doors. Pitter will also be opening Pantora’s first West Coast bridal boutique (second outpost after the flagship store in Brooklyn) next door later this year.

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The designer from Brooklyn took home a $1 million prize and then several, beating out fashion veteran Gary Graham and Colombian-born Seta designer Andrea Salazar (both runner-up) , fellow New Yorkers Raf Swaider and Olivia Oblanc, Love Hero designer Joshua Sacheri, French designer Lucie Brochard, designers Ally Ferguson and Dushyant Asthana from LA, and menswear designer Lendrell Martin in New York. Jersey.

“I’m reprocessing; Pitter told The Hollywood Reporter. “I am having additional therapy sessions with my new reality!”

Talk to CHEAP from LA (where she is finishing up her new store), the Jamaican-American designer adds, “I didn’t have to dive too deep… I was ready for a change of pace and here is a very welcome retreat,” she said of her whirlwind visit to the West Coast.

Winnings also go to a dedicated Amazon store (and the chance to sell a second collection on the e-comm retailer), a free three-year lease at Row DTLA, a fashion advisor, the opportunity sold the second collection on Amazon Fashion, and Klum called it a “career and life-changing opportunity.”

Here, Pitter shares more about what Cuts viewers don’t understand, why diversity continues to matter in the fashion industry, inspiring stories have reached her email inbox and more. Read on below and shop Pantora online at Amazon Fashion.

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How much time did you spend with the judges off-camera?

Our time with the judges was pretty much what you saw. We spent more time with Tim, he was a great mentor. He’s going to give us all these wonderful “Tim talks”; [he gave us] more time than what you have to see. They took great care of us and were concerned that we were all safe.

A million dollars is a huge prize, and you must have dreamed about how you would spend that money. Has any aspect of your plan changed now that you won’t?

Right now, I’m still learning how to spend this currency because I’m making the most of my time. I’m still a bit conservative about my spending, but I want to dream a little bigger. I’ve been given time and resources and I think that’s the best part about winning such a grand prize. You don’t have to rush to spend.

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The New York Times‘recently published a piece revealing that there is “much work to do” when it comes to Black representation in the fashion industry. How does that compare to your experience?

I feel like I’m going to say clichés, but representation is what matters. If I’ve thought that way before, I’ve seen how my victory affected others – Black women, children. My inbox is full of support emails from them. I don’t necessarily know that’s the purpose I’m going to serve by participating in this program, win or lose. Regarding my business, I guarantee that they are at the heart of [it]. Now with the money, I can solve more problems for more people. That’s the best part, when you’re trying to solve a problem with no resources, you’re asking yourself how well you’re doing. I know now with more help I can do better than I can. More people are recognizing my brand and people are seeing themselves in me.

I know I talked about being a first generation American on the show. I’ve had so many people say, “This is so exciting, I watched it with my parents, now I can follow their dreams with their support.” I have a 9 year old girl named Dara [who told me she was] was running through her living room when I won. I FaceTimed her, she’s really sweet! There are many such stories, or people who are seen as oversized in the everyday world, who cannot afford to shop for fashion and are stuck buying what is offered to them. I love giving them playful items for their wardrobe.

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I have a lot of people sharing their stories unreasonably. I like to relax and read them at the end of the night.

How has your design process changed after the show?

Now it’s very fun. I had a great time in bridal, but design in color – I did a little Instagram clip that feels like the movie Pleasantville or book Giver.

I see people differently, and women are different too. It’s really fun to see those women out and about all the time, before I picture women in wedding dresses. It’s really great when people view differently. I’m a people watcher, I’m a fan of women in general.

I ran into a young girl the other day, she just walked past me and said, “Oh my god, you are a goddess!” And she kept going. Here who I designed for. Those who want to cheer others up, that’s who I designed.

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How does it feel to settle in Row DTLA?

Well, now someone is there [compared to the height the pandemic]! The energy is amazing, I spent a lot of money this weekend. Really good energy, such a diverse crowd, the kids and their parents. Last weekend, Smorgasborg was very crowded. I and [Making the Cut season 1 winner] Jonny Cota, took a stroll through the entire property.

That sounds unbelievable. Does he share any advice?

Advice, no. But we did [have] a lot of conversation in common, like “Are you scared about that?” and spill the tea. We were the only two that had that experience so that was great. We’re talking about how crazy a million dollars is! Wild! And say, “Remember when we dressed for less than 10 dollars?”

Since your collection is available on Amazon, we had to ask – what was the last thing you bought on Amazon?

I bought a phone case! One of the links is like in Cuba. I bought matching swimsuits for me, my husband and son, with pineapples on them. We make everything right and Amazon is the first place I go [for that]!

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It must be incredible to be able to see real-time feedback that Pantora is purchasable on Amazon. How has that changed your approach as a designer and business owner?

It’s a very different experience but in some ways, there are similarities. That’s what’s really fun, I’m using an Amazon experience that’s really about customer satisfaction and can get my products in their hands in two days. In the comments, they’re talking about clothes and what they’re saying on Amazon, reviews, and on social media – people really are in a place where they’re after fun and I love seeing what they’re doing – people are going to lunch in my sequins. And that’s the bottom line, we shouldn’t wait for something to celebrate, wear it because you want to. Waking up is a memory enough. People are creating TikTok! And then I reached a new clientele, stylish women over 50, who are truly the most glamorous of women.

When I think about my brand, it’s always about inclusion – scale and race. And there are other factors that people help you consider, which my eyes have been wide open. These ladies, I didn’t know this was my client base! They seem to be so full of life and they are one of the best influencers ever! What do I buy? surname wear.

Last question – which star would you like to see in Pantora?

My answer is always Beyoncé! But if I’m being really honest, the women who wear my clothes right now are my celebrities. There’s no better way – they’re choosing you.

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