Matt Damon Stopped Using “F-Slur” for Gay People Due to Daughter

Matt Damon has revealed that he has stopped using what his daughter calls “f-slur for a homosexual”, after a recent joke by the actor prompted his daughter to write “a very long and beautiful treatise on how dangerous words are.”

In an interview with the UK Sunday Times published today, Damon reiterates how the derogatory term gay “was often used when I was a child, with a different application”.

But when he used the term in a joke “a few months ago,” she made him see that he had made a mistake.

“I was joking a few months ago, and got a treatise from my daughter. She left the table,” Damon recounted. “I said, ‘Come on, that’s a joke! I say that in the movie Stuck on you! ‘ She went to her room and wrote a very long, very beautiful treatise on how dangerous the word was. I said, ‘I’m retiring!’ I understand. “

The day after the interview was published, Damon released a statement in which he provided additional background and explanation for the story.

In the statement obtained by The Hollywood ReporterDamon said in interview with UK newspaper Sunday Times he was recalling a discussion he had with his daughter”, where I tried to contextualize her the progress made – though by no means complete – since I grew up in Boston and as a kid I heard the word “f*g” used on the street before I knew what it even meant. I explained that the word was used repeatedly and randomly and even as a line in one of my movies as recently as 2003.”

He went on to say, “She in turn expressed suspicion that there might have been a time when the word was thoughtlessly used. To my admiration and pride, she is extremely clear about the extent to which the word can be painful for someone in the LGBTQ+ community no matter how culturally normalized it is. any. Not only do I agree with her, but I am also moved by her passions, values, and desire for social justice.”

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Damon added that he has not used profanity in his life and is on the side of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’ve never called anyone ‘f****t’ in my personal life and this conversation with my daughter is not a personal awakening,” he said. “I do not use profanity of any kind. I’ve learned that dispelling prejudice requires actively campaigning for justice rather than finding passive comfort in imagining ‘one of the good’. And since public hostility against the LGBTQ+ community is still not uncommon, I understand why my statement led many to assume the worst. To be as clear as possible, I’m on the side of the LGBTQ+ community.”

The anecdote appeared as Damon, currently starring in the horror film directed by Tom McCarthy Still waterhas talked to Sunday Times about changes in modern masculinity, and he looks back at the comments he made about sexual misconduct claims against Harvey Weinstein.

After saying: “As a father of four daughters, this is the kind of lust that keeps me up at night,” he was criticized, with commentators suggesting that anyone, regardless of you being the father of the girls. girls, should be offended.

Talk to Sunday Times, Damon said, “I understand. That’s a fair point. Anyone should be offended by that behavior.”

And he continues to think about how what he says in interviews can be parsed now more than two decades ago.

“Twenty years ago, the best I could tell was that journalists listened to more music than lyrics. [of an interview]. Now your lyrics are being parsed, to pull them out of context and get the best possible headline,” he said. “Everybody needs clicks. What I said before doesn’t really matter, because it doesn’t make the news. But maybe this change is a good thing. So I closed more. “

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August 2, 4:20 pm This story has been updated with a statement from Damon contextualizing and explaining the “f-slur” story.

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