Maxwell Caulfield Thrilled ‘Empire Records’ Celebrated Yearly

Rex Manning Day is serious business for fans Empire Records. And every April 8th, Twitter is trending about the event that took place in the 1995 movie.

Actor Maxwell Caulfield, who plays the old, pompous music idol, Rex Manning, said he found the day both warm and wonderful.

“It’s called Rex Manning Day, but it could also be called Empire Records Days,” Caulfield said The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday. “I was evasive at first because the movie was disappointing at the box office, so I don’t think it’s evolved over the years. It won’t disappear. It’s one of the quirks of showbiz.”

Empire Records, directed by Allan Moyle and starring Anthony LaPaglia, Debi Mazar, Rory Cochrane, Johnny Whitworth, Robin Tunney, Renée Zellweger, Liv Tyler, and Caulfield, was a huge bomb when it debuted, but has since become a huge hit. favorite ’90s classics. Rex Manning Day is the event at the music store that the plot revolves around.

Caulfield said he enjoyed playing Manning, “a man so full of himself, he was destined to have a big fall.” And while it seems like Manning doesn’t have the quality it deserves in the film, Caulfield noted that there were a few scenes that were cut, showing the aging rocker in slightly better light.

In one scene, Berko of Rex and Coyote Shivers are sharing a cigarette behind the store. “They’re talking about just stopping there, in the industry. And Rex conveyed some pretty solid advice that showed a different side of the character,” Caulfield recalls. Also cut when Manning is involved in the major incident at the end of the film. “It would be a great touch,” Caulfield said.

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Every April 8, Caulfield says he knows his Twitter feed is going to blow up — and he’s thrilled, as it signals the movie is being loved by fans old and new. “The movie holds up. It was a lovely experience. I just wish the studio was more supportive of the movie at the time,” he said.

On where Manning will be now: “I think today he will be a judge on American Idol,” Caulfield laughed. “I don’t think he threw the towel at him. He is a real soldier. “

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