Morena Baccarin in Lame NBC Thriller

It’s not that I don’t understand why NBC is interested The game ends as a pilot.

The plot has superficial similarities to shows like Black list and Blind spot, which has been a staple of NBC’s schedule for years. Morena Baccarin star was nominated for an Emmy Award with a résumé that was loved by her fans. Co-star Ryan Michelle Bathé feels like the kind of young rising talent you want to lock down before they ascend to the “Yes, I prefer streaming”. And with pilot director Justin Lin, you have someone with a track record of delivering even very impressive introductory broadcasts.

The game ends

Key point

Game over force majeure: cancel.

Release date: 10:00 p.m. Monday, February 21 (NBC)

Cast: Morena Baccarin, Ryan Michelle Bathé, Costa Ronin, Jordan Johnson-Hinds, Kamal Bolden, Noah Bean and Mark Damon Espinoza

Creator: Nicholas Wootton

But – and this is the point where I feel like I do it once or twice a year – the inefficient broadcast pilot process is designed so that when you actually do the pilot and find that none of the properties have can make the pilot meaningful during actual testing, you just have to move on. The Endgame pilot is bad and the second episode doesn’t give proof of course editing to make things better, so I’m prepared to move on, even if NBC doesn’t.

Created by Nicholas Wootton, The game ends is a very familiar cat and mouse game. We begin with the mysteriously dressed Russian mercenary Elena Federova (Baccarin) being transported to a secure military facility on Long Island. The weird thing is that I’m not entirely sure why they brought her or where they came from, but almost immediately after her arrival, things started to go awry. It comes as a surprise when the all-star team of bureaucrats interrogate Elena, a group that includes the attorney general (Kelly Aucoin), the head of the FBI (Mark Espinoza) and the secretary of homeland security (Jenna Stern). New York is hit by a series of cheeky bank robberies with no apparent connection other than Elena, in custody, grinning as if she knows something.

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Called in the first case is FBI agent Val Turner (Bathé), who crosses paths with Elena in the Gambia, when Elena’s army of hires take down a local warlord and then Elena tries to take Val down.

Val knows that with Elena, every plan has layers, something we also have to know because Val says it to anyone who will listen half a dozen times in the first few episodes. That means Val is always a few steps ahead, which you’ll find really thrilling if you haven’t seen a horror movie since. Jackal’s Day. Not every cat-and-mouse thriller about a brilliant criminal and a dogged law enforcer is exactly the same, but aside from the most fairy-tale horror, there’s nothing about Elena and her master plan – much less than her, well, game over – is the least special. When Elena and Val bump into each other, it’s two people telling each other that they have a lot in common and that they’re both impressively smart, not an article that shows us that they have things in common and that they’re smart. impressively.

It’s not the same Black list or Blind spot are a very good show by any means, but both have clear things going for them.

With an attractive tattooed pickpocket, Blind spot has a built-in structure of the week that allows viewers to play along at home, at least to some extent. Since the whole point of the Elena/Val cave is that they Googled each other, Endgame The audience must sit back in relative boredom as they watch them realize that the answer is to something they already know. It’s a badly constructed TV series.

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And even at the weakest points in Black list – before I stop watching – it’s always anchored by James Spader’s setting, which is predictable but never boring. In Endgame, Elena was supposed to serve a similar function and Baccarin thoroughly enjoyed the smirk, but she had both an inconsistent Russian accent – part her fault and part her fault. The text encourages it – and a stellar character can’t showcase her excellence in any entertaining way. There’s nothing funny or sadistic about Madame Smirksalova and the process reveals to the viewer that our villain may just be the second main character removing any potential raw aspects. You are not rooted for her success, nor are you rooted for her to be thwarted. Mostly I’m just rooting for something fun to happen.

Val is at least consistently fixed, and that’s a trait. All of Val’s FBI colleagues were a little skeptical of her because her husband, a certain agent, was jailed for corruption. But the show doesn’t care about letting the viewer go through a second of ambiguity about her, so she’s completely trying and aristocratic and dull, if played deftly within those parameters.

The rest of the cast may also be nonexistent. They are cardboard cutters who sometimes say horrible things like, “She’s a criminal, and criminals by definition are stupid, otherwise they wouldn’t be criminals.” That wording is neither precise nor interestingly worded, but it represents all of the dialogue in The game ends. The only possible supporting exception is that Costa Ronin is generally watchable as “late” Elena – he’s not dead yet, but people think he’s Sergey’s husband, but you won’t watch this show because of him .

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In the end, however, there’s the disappointment of Lin’s lackluster involvement. Although his prominent TV credits include episodes of Community and True DetectiveLin gave the pilots for Scorpion, SWAT and Magnum PI visual pizza on CBS budget. In The game ends, without a single memorable montage or stunt in the pilot. Even if, in the first episode, Val gets a call to go to a second bank robbery and decides that, instead of turning around at the next light, she’s going to throw her car backwards, There’s nothing like dodging oncoming traffic and certainly nothing like sustainable entertainment.

There are no visual ideas here, no narrative ideas, and no core performances for you to keep watching while you wait for the other properties to show up. I don’t know what Elena’s end will be and I don’t care. The final game for my review, however, is to do what NBC’s development failed to do: free the viewer from an obvious stupidity.

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