Netflix’s ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Film Review

What I appreciate most about Kissing booth The rom-com trilogy is that it’s savvy enough to know when to satisfy a teen’s weird cravings and brave enough to portray teenage protagonists as drunk, geeky reality. . Based on the book series by Beth Reekles, she was a teenager when she imagined what would happen if a famous video player ended up growing breasts and eventually seducing a high school boy, the film has nothing to do with expressing joy in adolescence. Kids make sex tapes in their high school classroom, casually turn down without any preparation afterwards and roll into bed like giddy newlyweds.

While sexual realism was common in classic teen comedies of the 1980s, Netflix’s current resurgence in the genre mainly features badass and baddies. who wishes to be a star for a pretty little kiss. (Or I have paraphrased.) I have written before about how Kissing booth and its sequels, generally frivolous, are still rare mainstream films in this day and age that allow their teenage heroine (Joey King) a bit of sexual freedom without cost her with humiliation, humiliation, or emotional turmoil. Simply put, damn Elle Evans.

Kissing booth 3

Key point

The fulfillment of a teenager’s silly dream with some pieces.

Release date: Wednesday, August 11
Cast: Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, Molly Ringwald, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Meganne Young
Manager: Vince Marcello
Writer: Vince Marcello, Jay Arnold

1 hour 53 minutes

Or rather, she’s exclusively with her best friend’s brother, Noah Flynn (HappinessJacob Elordi), the motorcyclist she’s been dating since her post-pubescent glow in the first movie. In the final chapter of the franchise, Elle graduated from a love triangle to a love hexagon involving her boyfriend, her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney), Berkeley friends Lee’s new, random hot guy hooked her up in the second movie and back for more masochism (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and her boyfriend’s rich/hot college friend, for some reason, appears to cry about her parents’ divorce (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). Everyone disappoints everyone. What happened to “girls just want to have fun?”

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If Kissing booth 3 stuck with the opening premise and maintaining an ideal summer anarchy atmosphere for the whole story, the film can be a mindless explosion. Elle, Noah and Lee convinced the boys’ parents to let them stay at the family’s beach house last summer before they all dropped out of college. It’s the perfect plan: The kids get to hang out at the house for a few months, “help” the Flynns get ready to sell to beachfront condo developers while they host ragers pool parties for several months. week. As shown by all the resort-set holiday specials of the classic sitcoms (or even the one-off summer series). Baby-Sitter’s Club book), the summer vacation concept succeeds thanks to carefree novelty and low misdeeds. I really don’t want conflict, just hang out and run away. Sun, beach, bikini.

But director Vince Marcello has somehow turned this cool summer fantasy into a drama about the sink. Elle can’t seem to please anyone: not taciturn Noah, who mistakenly thinks she can’t wait to join him at Harvard in the fall; Not clingy Lee, who intends to spend every waking minute of this final summer with her despite her other obligations; not her widowed father, who just wanted her to get to know his new girlfriend with an open mind; not the pretty boy Marco, who still wanted to be with her even after she broke his heart months ago. Throw in Elle’s waitress job, some recurrent jealousies and unending hands on college decisions, and you’ve got yourself a baquel overload at least 30 minutes too long. The movie sinks under the weight of all those storylines until the final five minutes.

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In addition to stories, Kissing booth 3 it looks like it splits at the seams. Some green screen background CGIs look like they’re masquerading as vintage drawn movies, and it doesn’t matter if the King’s long brown hair is real because, either way. , it look like one sheitel.

However, the cast knows they’re making cloned fluffs and it’s clear they’re having the time of their lives. King, the geek, had more natural on-screen chemistry with goofy Courtney than she did with brooding Elordi, who hit the dark HBO airwaves shortly after. Kissing booth originally released. King and Courtney’s BFF duo spent the last summer of their childhood mending their fractious relationship by completing a beach playlist in which the two actors were eating cake, singing karaoke along. nostalgic style, sumo wrestling in fat suits and cosplaying Nintendo characters in a real-life Mario Kart relay. There is a lot of hissing in this movie.

Elle does not associate with other girls her age, preferring to devote all of her energy to the emotional triggers of the men in her life. She doesn’t know why she wants to go to Harvard, other than that Noah goes there. We don’t know her goals and neither does she (although she is often told that she is brilliant, for some unexplained reason). At some point, Elle runs away from the Hollywood sign, which hilariously resembles her riding a motorcycle into the sunset with Noah on multiple occasions. However, the film does do a cheeky surprise in its final moments, making me wonder if there’s at least a little nutrition in the fluff.

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