No Way Home Daredevil Appearance

Charlie Cox worried that he had dreamed of the entire conversation.

It was June 2020 when his phone rang one afternoon, with Kevin Feige on the other end. The boss of Marvel Studios asked if the actor had a few minutes to chat. At first, Cox thought there was a chance he would be included. “You never know. It’s so wild,” said Daredevil star of the time.

The call wasn’t a hoax – it was a huge opportunity. Matt Murdock has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And his first appearance after Netflix’s devastating 2018 cancellation Daredevil will Spiderman: No Street Home. Cox was shocked and excited.

It’s been almost two months since the Sony-Marvel movie hit theaters and quickly became the highest-grossing film of the pandemic era with $1.77 billion globally. It’s finally time for Cox to reflect – publicly.

“It was a pretty bizarre moment, I’m not going to lie,” Cox said, recounting the June afternoon call. “Remember it’s been several years. And I pretty much believe it’s over. Kevin said, ‘We have some ideas, but I want to make sure you, in principle, are interested.’ And I said, ‘I very interested.’ And then I didn’t hear from anyone for two months. And I got to the point where I wondered if I was dreaming. “

The situation is very much a reality. And in the not-too-distant future, Cox finds himself wrapped in a giant cloak (with a secret purpose), traveling around the world. No Street Home set for a scene with the stars Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei. Time has come. Matt Murdock is back.

“I felt pretty comfortable being able to fit in that scene,” Cox says of the Parker house moment, in which Murdock advises his new client Peter (Holland) that despite the legal troubles His case has been dropped, but his trial in public opinion court is only heating up.

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“I played this character almost every day for four years. I feel like his essence is deep inside me now,” Cox said. “I didn’t worry too much about it, but I was still quite nervous that day, which I hadn’t been to in a while.”

Netflix Daredevil the series ran for three seasons, ending after its abrupt cancellation in 2018. A massive fan movement to save the show launched, which moved Cox, the cast, and crew. film. However, it did not change the minds of streamers. No Street HomeAs Cox saw it, it was a second chance.

“It was a big moment, not only for me, but also for the character. I feel a real sense of responsibility,” explains Cox. “If that scene works, if it’s cool, if it looks in place, then the sky is the limit where this can happen. And that would be great for me, naturally, but it would be great for Matt. I feel attached to him, even though that may sound a bit weird.”

Of course, Feige and No Street Home Director Jon Watts knows Murdock’s return will draw a lot of response from audiences. And Watts captured that moment in anticipation of that raucous reaction.

“Jon said, “I built in this moment where we revealed you, and nobody spoke for a few beats because the audience would have a big reaction,” recalls Cox, chuckling. “I was a bit embarrassed, like, ‘Are you sure?’ I went with the flow, but thought, ‘I hope it’s not a disappointment.’ But I received a lot of messages from friends who were at the premiere or watched the opening weekend, who told me there was a cold reaction when the scene played out. It’s a strange feeling, but I’m grateful.”

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Also in this scene is Jon Favreau, who plays Happy Hogan. And it’s not lost on Cox or Iron Man director that he also has Daredevil connection, playing Foggy Nelson in the 2003 film starring superhero Ben Affleck. Cox revealed that the duo couldn’t contain themselves and managed to get into a small nod to that movie.

“I don’t think they used it, but we added a little easter egg to where he went, ‘Yeah, I’m a bit shady about how that happened,’ or something,” Cox said. speak. “It was a great moment for me to meet him and chat about all that.”

Once filming was complete, the next stage of the performance began for Cox: the sneak shot. Almost immediately after the movie was announced, rumors swirled about who would drop by. And Cox found himself in the middle of that fandom storm. Interview after interview for his other projects such as KinCox did a tremendous job in deflecting Spidey’s queries.

“I hate lying,” Cox said seriously. “But I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone. My feeling is, if someone asks you, and you say, ‘I don’t know… We’ll have to wait and see.’ That let it go! That is obvious! No one will say that if you’re not in it. I’m relieved that it’s over. “

However, he and his good friend Andrew Garfield, who returned to play a version of Spider-Man, found themselves in a somewhat precarious situation when they met one day for lunch while they were both in Atlanta, No Street Home Production dates overlap. “While we were sitting down, we both realized, ‘Oh, damn it. If we filmed together here, that’s not a good sign. ‘ So we both sat facing the wall,” Cox said with a laugh.

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Cox and his Daredevil co-star Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin) has remained close friends in the years since the series ended. And during the run, D’Onofrio tells Cox nervously, season after season, he’s sure their time as characters isn’t over, even before the cancellation. As it turns out, he was right, with D’Onofrio’s Kingpin introduced in the Disney+ series Hawk Eye a day ago There is no way home out in theaters. And with both of their characters now officially in the MCU, the possibilities will be thrilling – for the duo and fans alike.

“Listen, I don’t know what anyone’s plan is at this stage, but I guess we have to do more work,” Cox said, before confessing, “I know a little bit—not a bulk – but a little bit. I’m imagining, I hope that our worlds will collide again because the things we’ve done in the past are so much fun to do, and he’s such an incredible actor. We have to start every conversation with ‘You know what?’ because you have to be careful. It’s very interesting.”

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