Oscar-Nominated Actress Was 74

Sondra Locke, the Oscar-nominated actress who starred in six movies with Clint Eastwood before their relationship fell apart and she sued him for petty theft and later fraud, died. She is 74 years old.

Locke died November 3 at her home in Los Angeles of cardiac arrest from breast and bone cancer, according to her death certificate obtained by the AP news agency.

The blonde, personality actress made her screen debut in stunning fashion, earning an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of teen Mick Kelly opposite Alan Arkin in Robert Ellis Miller’s The heart is a lonely hunter (1968), adapted from the novel Carson McCullers.

In October 1975, during the implementation of the Civil War Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), she and Eastwood had an affair at a location in Page, Arizona. They eventually moved into a Bel Air mansion built in 1931.

After they became a couple, Locke acted almost exclusively in Eastwood films at Warner Bros., co-starring with him in Long gloves (1977), Every way but loose (1978), Bronco Billy (1980), Any way you can (1980) and Sudden impact (1983), with the actor directing all but two of them.

She said Eastwood insisted she worked with him alone; An exception occurred when singer Rosemary Clooney personally asked Locke to play her in the 1982 biopic for CBS.

In Every way but loose and Any way you canShe plays country singer Lynn Halsey-Taylor and shares the payment with an orangutan.

“I don’t want to be up there with the orangutans,” Locke said in a 1996 interview with LA time. “I’m there because I’m in love and [Eastwood] want me there. And I loved working with him and we were together. But I don’t want that.”

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In April 1989, Locke filed a lawsuit against her domestic partner of 14 years. Included in the latter deal was a three-year, $1.5 million deal for her to develop and direct the films at Warner Bros. (At the time she agreed to the deal, she was also undergoing chemotherapy after a double mastectomy.)

However, the studio has not revealed any of the 30 projects she has featured, she said, nor has it hired her to direct any of its internal projects. Locke alleged that it was Eastwood who secretly financed the “bogus” deal – it “created a dead end for her career,” her attorney said – so she sued him again in September. June 1995 for fraud, intentionally interfering with her ability to earn a living. and breached his financial obligations to her. She testified that her income in 1994 and 1995 was nil.

In September 1996, after a two-week trial that rocked Hollywood and also contained testimony from Eastwood and Warners executives, Locke settled again after finding 2.5 millions of dollars. (The jurors say they are ready to decide in her favor.)

“I don’t have to worry about working,” she told reporters after the settlement, the terms of which were not disclosed. She said her suit was “never about money, it was about fighting for my professional rights.”

Since the second trial, Locke has appeared in only three films: Clean and Shrink (2000), Game of the Prophet (2000) and, with Keith Carradine, in Ray Meets Helen (2017). She ran that movie as well as 2015 Cup Cupstarring Keanu Reeves.

Born on May 28, 1944, Locke did not know his father. She grew up outside of Nashville in rural Shelbyville, Tennessee, and attended Shelbyville Central High School before spending a year at Middle Tennessee State University.

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A childhood friend from Shelbyville, Gordon Anderson, helped prepare her for her role in The heart is a lonely hunter after he helped her get discovered in a nationwide talent search. She lied about her age so she could play a 14-year-old in the movie.

She and Anderson, who are gay, married soon after. (According to legal documents, they never consummated their marriage; they were never divorced and remained “like sisters” for decades.)

“I sometimes wonder if I’ve ever taken the drastic steps I took but for Gordon,” Locke said in 1968. “He’s a very positive person. And courage. I am naturally shy. However, although I may look fragile and reluctant to push, somewhere – deep inside me – there must be an iron core! “

Locke stars in rodent horror film Willard (1971), Cover Me Babe (1970) with Robert Forster, Reflect on fear (1972) and The Return of Suzanne (1974) and appeared on episodes of FBI, Kung Fu, Planet of the monkeys and Barnaby Jones before Eastwood cast her as Laura Lee, his character’s romantic interest, in Josey Wales.

In Sudden impact, the fourth of Eastwood’s five “Dirty Harry” films, Locke plays a woman seeking revenge against rapists who assaulted her and her sister. She was an assistant in a circus show in Bronco Billy and a prostitute in Long gloves.

Locke said she had had two abortions and a sterilization called a tubal ligation during her time with Eastwood, who was married but separated from his first wife, Margaret Johnson, when they moved in. live together. She said that she called him “Dad”.

They lived together in San Francisco and then Sherman Oaks before Eastwood bought the 5,000-square-foot Bel Air property for $1,125 million, and she spent years renovating it.

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Locke said her relationship with Eastwood began to unravel when she directed and starred in the $8 million dark comedy. Mouse Boy (1986) for Warner Bros.-based production company Malpaso.

In a 2015 interview, she said, “In a 2015 interview, “I believe he really didn’t want me to direct. The dynamics of our relationship completely changed. He is the director and I am the actor. You know, he’s the one in charge. And I think he doesn’t want me to direct.

“And I said to him, ‘You know, it’s really not going to work for me, I think, if you keep going. [Ratboy]. ‘ Well, I won’t put my name on it! [he said]. And of course it was a joke because he put Malpaso there, and that was like putting his name in there. So he not only put his name on it, but felt that he could tell me what to do all the time.”

While Locke directs Promote (1990), a psychological police thriller starring Theresa Russell, she said Eastwood asked her to move out. She said he changed the locks at their home in Bel Air and asked a moving company to pack her things and put them in storage.

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