‘Outer Banks’ Review

Is Netflix’s latest nostalgic exercise, teen drama Outer bands designed to trigger memories of dozens of movies from the 80s and at least many TV shows, drawing on those conscious and subconscious reactions to take the viewer through 10 logical episodes viewable, but contains very little of the original fun.

So please send Outer bands To be Goonies meeting OC by Red Dawn and Netflix is ​​very personal Strange things and maybe Above My blockjust a little bit of high school Simple plan – and may your affection for those titles carry you through the ages Outer bands distinguish between stupid, ridiculous and, in a bit of a boom, fun.

Key point

Beautiful people, good filming, pretty dumb people.

Set in banks outside of North Carolina – shot with acceptable reproduction in South Carolina locations – the film is a story of class warfare and treasure hunt, not time either in that order.

Our heroes are Pogues, blue-collar children on an island fiercely divided between haves and don’ts. John B (Chase Stokes) narrates and leads the story – but somehow, in 10 episodes it’s impossible to make a single Beach Boys reference even from the elderly residents – as the son of a The missing man is haunted by the Royal Merchant, a ship that sunk and disappeared in 1829, but is rumored to have fallen to with $400 million in British gold.

John B doesn’t have all the custody, but he does have lifelong friends JJ (Rudy Pankow), the trouble-making son of an abusive drunk; Pope (Jonathan Daviss), a kid who is supposed to be smart and never does anything smart in the entire series; and Kiara (Madison Bailey), are economically more comfortable than her friends but are allowed to tag along because they both seem to love her.

If the Pogues are the impoverished children of this landscape, their opponents are the Kooks, the children of the resident elite. Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), formerly Kiara’s best friend and now her antagonist, presumably the queen of the Kooks, is dating the extremely interested Topper (Austin North), a the WASP-y guy is so scary that it makes William Zabka the firstCobra Kai Johnny Lawrence’s version looks sensible and likable. The premiere featured a beach brawl, where the only reason Topper didn’t exclaim “Welcome to OB, bitch!” His defeated enemy is probably because creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke figured audiences would be able to fill in the blanks themselves. It’s also the reason that none of the Pogues literally announce, “Pogues never say die!” You will just think about it.

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Oh, and Sarah’s rich dad is played by Charles Esten, the most recognizable member of the cast (though Adina Porter as the local sheriff has probably come close), which ultimately means exactly as you think.

So… plot! John B and his friends find several clues regarding his father’s disappearance, clues that could lead them to the Royal Merchant and its life-changing bounty. Or maybe they will get caught up in an increasingly serious conflict with the Kooks or in various storms that shut down much of the region’s power to despite Outer bands set in this day and age, the decline of cell phones and computers means it can easily happen like it was in 1984.

Directed by Jonas Pate, Outer bands looks like nostalgia feeling. Much of the series is drawn through a golden haze as if every second takes place at Magic Hour, even if none of the movies actually take place at Magic Hour. It’s really pretty, so commendable for cinematographer JB Smith, even if much of the permanent glow is inevitably achieved through post-production. The confusion about the passage of time both in the individual episodes and in the entire first season – can you tell me these 10 episodes took place over four days or two months and I can trust you – just one in many narrative problems.

When Outer bands is talking about its treasure-hunting business, there are gripping moments, some entertaining clues, and a one-time use of Gullah that I so desperately wish it was a deliberate piece of cultural awareness of the show rather than a single detail that most viewers are sure to ignore. The treasure hunt offers some minor suspense and some lighthearted humorous notes, but it’s often quickly followed by class war material undone by every Kook other than Sarah being ridiculous. one-way like.

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The final three episodes, which could easily be condensed into two (or maybe even one) hours, become the rare example of a show where the narrative dynamics rest entirely on each character doing something stupid. as stupid as possible. I kept watching in the hope that some of the poorly conceived minor villains might die of violent deaths, which is not exactly what you want in a show where most characters is said to be 16 years old (even if the actors playing those parts appear to be in their mid-twenties, fitting for the genre).

The fact that the Kooks are all cartoons doesn’t necessarily mean that the Pogues are magically developed characters. Like, if you remove references to the scholarship interview Pope is preparing, he might not have any dialogue, while reducing Kiara to “the object of affection for all.” at all” leaving that character with no real agency of her own other than “Who will she end up mapping with? And yes, the characters in Outer Banks say “macking” a lot and I don’t know if the reliance on dated slang refers to their isolated geography or just more nostalgic nostalgia.

Stokes, who looks and feels like a less energetic Penn Badgley, and Cline, also keep your eye on their selection of comparable characters, who sometimes have compelling chemistry even when they’re not. Almost nothing in the relationship between their characters makes sense in the event that the part goes on for more than a week.

The show is positively brimming with characters and plot themes that feel like they could be relevant or even important in a 13-episode season or a more atmospheric YA novel. In fact, the entire non-Sarah Cameron family feels like they’ve been left on the cutting room floor, including her apparent stepmother Rose (Caroline Arapoglou), her puzzling aging daughter Wheezie (Julia Antonelli), and siblings Rafe (Drew Starkey), whose ability to do illogical things can only usurp the black sheep brothers this season Ozark.

It’s hard to put a finger on the exact demo Outer bands going for. It’s rife with drinking and drug use in terms of angle and characters swearing by storm, but there’s an oddity to the way the movie portrays sex when it doesn’t indulge the old characters’ beaches. teen. So the ideal audience age is somewhere between the ages that I used to watch and love Goonies for the first time, my age rewatched Goonies and can see all its flaws and my age now, when I can see Goonies through glasses that are both clear and nostalgic. So maybe I’m the audience? Unfortunately, I was able to see the flaws of this program all too clearly.

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Actors: Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, Charles Esten, Austin North, Drew Starkey
Creators: Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke
Premiere: Wednesday (Netflix)

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