‘Pam & Tommy’ Stars Lily James, Sebastian Stan Talk Prep for Series

Pam & Tommy stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan were also shocked when they transformed into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, just like the rest of the world.

“There was a conversation about how I got involved really early on, and I was astounded – dumbfounded – and I suppose it raised my curiosity that they thought of me for a part. ,” James told THR gifts, provided by Vision Media. “It was a complete shock to everyone. The first makeup test I had… we just threw some stuff in to figure out how it felt, and in the end, I had a panic attack and thought, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do this. this, I’m going to let everyone down, that’s the biggest shame. ‘ Then the journey they went on with the prosthetic… I had a piece of my forehead, teeth and eyes. And when we needed to, I wore full busts, but like what they achieved was amazing. And the same thing when I look at Sebastian, we can totally exist and believe that we are these people and, in turn, do our best to really try and convince them to live and do the work. reason for them. And it’s all linked. We cannot do one without the other. It’s actually quite extraordinary. “

James said she’s watched big Anderson interviews since the ’90s “to capture her manners – she speaks like a million miles per hour and just stops to breathe”.

“I just tried to make it feel as personal and natural as possible, but other than that, after really studying and learning how she talks and moves, I worked out really hard, losing weight. tons of weight, – again – I worked with a great acting coach, I found her high on the piano,” James explains. “I really just want to do her justice and try as hard as I can to emulate so you feel that you capture the person’s essence as best you can.”

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During the time of Pam & TommyUpon its release, there was a viral video on social media showing James performing 600 sit-ups a day in preparation for the role. However, James said that’s not entirely accurate, as she does 600 sit-ups a day for another movie she’s called. Fast girl (2012) and not for the Hulu series.

For Stan, imitating Tommy Lee’s drumming was the most difficult task of his preparation. “I have never played the drums. And I remember asking [director] Craig [Gillespie], ‘Do you want to use a double or something?’ He was like, ‘uh, no.’ And so I started drumming on weekends in Canada, trying to study on weekends. And then I remember, after a month, I sent him a video of me doing it and he said, ‘yeah, that’s great. I just need to speed it up to about 100 frames, but it should be fine,” added Stan laughing. “It’s literally a combination of waking up in the morning, making coffee and running on an empty stomach, and fasting for half a day, trying to walk 20,000 steps to lose weight. And while I’m running, I’m basically playing the audio of every interview I’ve amassed from YouTube or the internet about him from the ’80s to the present, anything I can find. to hear it all over, then I’ll go home, I’ll watch the video. “

Stan said he did karaoke one night and woke up with a hoarse voice, which he thought perfectly encapsulated the voice he needed for Tommy Lee. “It sounds like I smoked 10,000 cigarettes. And then that turned into screaming into the pillow to stay fresh and then I knew Lily was doing it too. We’ll do four scenes and I’ll be like, “You want the pillow?!”

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Pam & Tommy Creator Robert Siegel was tasked with making a show about two people who didn’t want to be part of it.

“The more you read, the better,” says Siegel. “In this case, we had more information about Tommy. Of course, we have Tommy’s autobiography, Tommyland, provides a wealth of information. And then there’s the court transcript that’s really, really helpful for episode six that settles in. And then once you’ve accumulated a lot of information out there, you just have to try to really get it right with these people. We’ve always been really diligent in trying to be on their side. Pam is definitely the hero of the story. We always want to make it clear that this is a crime against them. You don’t know if they’re going to the show, but you want to approach it as if they were going to the show.”

“Pam especially, but both are our number one audience,” agrees DV DeVincentis, the show’s three-episode writer and executive producer. “But Pam, in particular, this is what she suffered the most and actually survived in a completely self-sufficient and smart way the way she does. And we really want to show if we’re working with [telling] her whole life story, we wanted to at least show how we see her and how we still see her. “

In terms of taking advantage of creative freedom, Siegel said he’s quite right with Rolling Stone an article written by Amanda Chicago Lewis, telling the story of how a sex tape was stolen by a man named Rand Gauthier, played by Seth Rogen on the show. “We were quite faithful to the article,” Siegel said. “There wasn’t much on the show that wasn’t in the article. I’m proud. You are always prepared for the possibility of creating anything. A few things we definitely made up, but for the most part, that’s what’s in the article. “

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DeVincentis added: “We’re not entirely sure that the story Rand Gauthier gives in the article is necessarily true, but it’s a heck of a story.”

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